Being alone determines the level of your life (very thorough! )

Being alone determines the level of your life (very thorough! )

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Zhuangzi said:

only when people are alone, can they get rid of the fog, swim outside things, communicate with heaven and earth, and see the truth of life.

the higher the level, the more people like to be alone.

because solitude can lighten the burden on a person's spirit, make the soul and self return, and sublimate the soul.

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solitude is a mental burden relief

people always spend a lot of time socializing or arranging busy schedules for themselves.

in fact, most of the time you are afraid that if you don't do that, you may lose something.

under a high degree of mental pressure, it is easy for us to live more and more confused.

Thoreau once said:

A man who can let go of all the noise and prosperity in his alone time must be really rich, at least in spirit.

Chen Daoming, a famous film and television actor, is well-known and sought after everywhere, but he prefers to be alone.

he said in an interview:

the more people who don't care about gains and losses, the higher the level. They are good at being alone, and they are also unmatched by others when they are far away from the crowd.

it is said that if gains and losses are entangled in the brain and weighed heavily on the heart, life will not be at peace.

in fact, whether you gain or lose, they don't change just because you think too much.

as stated in the Power of Silence:

turn off your computer, throw your phone aside, and try a life of solitude and meditation for a long time.

if you look at your life from the perspective of a third party, you can understand yourself better, understand the meaning of life's gains and losses more clearly, and see life more clearly.


being alone is the return of the soul.

A short story spread on the Internet:

it seems that each of us will have such a stage, thinking that it is our inner instinct to integrate into other people's world.

but after the baptism of time, I find that being alone is the desire from the bottom of my heart.

I have seen a passage:

I have had this feeling, and I believe you have also had it.

people would rather take part in a lot of activities that don't make sense, but they don't want to be alone.

when the carnival crowd dispersed, what was left was endless loneliness and desolation.

philosopher Pascal said:

being alone turns out to be an ability.

in the eyes of outsiders, you are always different from you when you are alone. One pretends to be indifferent, the other doesn't know what to do.

how to make yourself calm and calm when you are alone? this is a spiritual practice that requires hard work.

when people reach a certain stage, they always know their likes and dislikes, enjoy as much as they like, and don't do it at all when they hate it.

Don't worry about the strange glances that others give when you are eating or walking alone.

in fact, the world is our own and has nothing to do with others, and solitude is the most enjoyable thing for each of us to enjoy.

Zhou Guoping once said:

even if it is boring, it will bear it by itself, it will not involve others, and there is no need to feel uneasy.

when we settle down, we can be quiet and light, so that we can find our inner strength, return to ourselves, and return to the most authentic life.


solitude is the sublimation of the soul

Yang Jiang once said:

she and Mr. Qian Zhongshu often live together but each read their own books and study their own knowledge.

in her opinion, only constantly finding yourself in solitude is the major event in life.

when she experienced the twists and turns of life and wandering, and became an old man in the twilight, she was still quiet and indifferent and spent the rest of her life in no hurry.

Zhou Guoping once commented on her:

being alone is a form of dealing with the world for this old man who sees things through the world.

being alone is not a loneliness, but a choice.

although it is not lively, it is full of wisdom and is the best way for everyone to know themselves spontaneously.

when you are alone, do a good job of the present in a serious and down-to-earth manner, without losing the past or frightening the future.

Don't worry about life giving you all the answers, be patient, the good things will come when you least expect them to.

A person's life can be dull and stagnant, or it can be a fulfilling, wonderful and colorful adventure.

it is only when you are alone that you are more sure of what you want.

only when people learn to listen to their inner voices, can they find better themselves and live more deeply.

the time that can really add value and sublimation comes from being alone.

only when we are alone, can we fully please ourselves, enjoy our time, and find the meaning of our lives.

people who know how to enjoy being alone can live their boring days to the fullest, they can live their lives as they are, and they can meet better themselves.

Don't be afraid to be alone, don't refuse to be alone.

because it can not only blend into the prosperity, but also enjoy the time of being alone, it is actually the best time of your life.