Behind all excellence, there is ascetic self-discipline.

Behind all excellence, there is ascetic self-discipline.

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I see such a question in Zhihu:

how do people get rid of it?

the answer with the highest praise goes like this:

I subconsciously fantasize that I still have a lot of time, I have unlimited possibilities, and I am sure to become especially powerful in the future.

I always feel that there will be more time in the future to make up for what I should have done but didn't do at this stage.

it was later discovered that the original waste was caused by "lack of self-discipline".


behind all excellence, there is ascetic self-discipline

in the eyes of many people, Haruki Murakami's routine is as rigid and boring as that of a mechanical watch.

he gets up at four o'clock in the morning, writes for five hours, runs for one hour or swims for 1.5 hours in the afternoon, then reads books, listens to music, and goes to bed on time at 9 p.m.

he wrote in the autobiographical novel "my profession is a novelist":

I have never felt that writing is a chore, nor have I ever experienced a low ebb.

Haruki Murakami has a habit of writing, that is, writing only 4000 words a day.

during his more than 30 years of writing, he wrote ten sheets a day on a page of 400 words.

it is because of this high degree of self-discipline that Haruki Murakami is able to produce a large number of excellent works.

Peng Yuyan has been in show business for many years, but he has not improved.

in a later interview, he said: "I was so confused. I often wonder why other people have so many plays to play, so many fans, so much money, and so many commercials, but I don't. "

after a long period of trough, he finally got the qualification for "tumble, Ashin".

this film requires a lot of difficult movements, and many actors are deterred by these requirements, but Peng Yuyan has stepped up to the challenge.

he practiced hard for eight months and practiced for more than ten hours almost every day, and his character needed to keep an eight-pack figure, so he ate and cooked without any seasoning.

during filming, he needed to maintain the same intensive practice and body management as he did during training, which he stuck to.

later, after the film was released, it was a great success, and Peng Yuyan ushered in the highlight of his life.

thus it can be seen that behind all excellence is ascetic-like self-discipline.

only when one becomes self-disciplined can one officially embark on the road to success.

as said in the Road few take:

in many cases, people do not become self-disciplined because of excellence, but because you achieve self-discipline, you become excellent.


Why do you always fail when you want to exercise self-discipline

look at yourself in the mirror and swear to yourself: "from tomorrow, I will lose weight."

the next day you see the food in front of you gobbling up until you are full.

looking at the report card, as soon as you delete the game, you want to spend all your time studying.

A few days later you downloaded the game back and wanted to stay up all night and play all night.

watching others become good, you swear to learn from them.

when you see him trying, you take out your phone and think, "I'll just play for a little while."

each of us has had our own dreams more or less, and we must be ambitious to set up our goals at different times and intend to fight for them.

however, a large number of people just hold on for a short period of time and then give up.

I have seen such an example:

A doctor treated two paralyzed patients in bed, both of whom were in similar conditions, and it took at least two years of rehabilitation to get out of bed and walk.

they do rehabilitation together every day after they meet.

after a month, the male patient couldn't hold on any longer. He shouted to his family that he was tired all day, saying that he had been training for a whole month and had no effect at all, and he didn't want to do it.

female patients have also done ideological work for him for a long time, but he is still not good at oil and salt.

later, it was the female patients who did rehabilitation alone and were too tired to move every day, and the male patients often said some frustrating words beside her.

look at how tired you are. Have you been effective recently?

I slept all day today. I feel so comfortable.

Don't do rehabilitation, it's not of much use.


after more than half a year, female patients can walk on crutches.

after more than a year, the female patient was able to throw away her crutches and move forward slowly.

two years later, when the female patient recovered and was discharged from the hospital, the male patient was still lying in the next hospital bed and had to be served by his family.

you see, self-disciplined people will have more choices in the future.

when your self-discipline forms a habit, you gain not only a good state of life, but also an ability to last a lifetime.

Plato once said:

self-control is a kind of order, a kind of control of happiness and desire.

if a person can't control himself, he can only wait to be defeated by life.


the degree of self-discipline can determine the height of your life

self-discipline. In the final analysis, it is a life game between each of us and ourselves.

it is said that Mei Lanfang wanted to learn to sing Beijing Opera from an old artist when she was young.

the veteran artist taught Mei Lanfang some basic movements when teaching Mei Lanfang how to express her psychological activities with her eyes.He can't learn anything.

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the veteran artist was furious and said Mei Lanfang had a pair of 'dead fish eyes', said he had no future and refused to accept him as an apprentice.

Mei Lanfang was not discouraged and began to practice her eyes.

he looked up at the blue sky every day, followed the pigeons and looked down at the goldfish in the water. After a long time of exercise, his eyes moved freely, like meteors and lightning.

teacher Li Xiaolai once said:

there is no regret medicine to buy in this world. Instead of falling into a dilemma in the future, it is better to start from now on, learn self-discipline, so that life is no longer difficult for you.

1. Reduce complaining

complaining is a poison that can destroy your will and reduce your enthusiasm.

there is a Spanish proverb that says, "if you shed tears often, you cannot see the stars."

you can give yourself some encouragement every day, set a goal that must be achieved, and your life will become more fulfilling.

it is better to change fate than to complain about fate; it is better to improve life than to complain about life.

2. Rational

face desires rationally, materialize desires and subdivide goals.

such as how far you want to lose weight and how you want to do it; or how much you want to score in the next exam, what kind of effort you are willing to make, and so on.

write down all the desires that are specific enough, put them where you can often see them, and constantly remind yourself to execute them.

3. Stay away from those "stumbling blocks"

if you set a goal for yourself and decide to accomplish it, but you have people who like to play and don't want to make progress, you are likely to be assimilated by them.

or if you want to quit smoking and drinking, but you are always surrounded by people who hand you cigarettes and drinks, it is difficult for you to achieve your goals.

if you have someone like a "stumbling block" around you, stay away as soon as possible.

if you do this, becoming self-disciplined is a natural thing.

self-control is the instinct of the strongest, says George Bernard Shaw.

think of life as a contest between yourself and yourself, let positive defeat negativity, let diligence defeat laziness, and let strength defeat fragility.