"before I became a father, I never knew I was so strong."

"before I became a father, I never knew I was so strong."

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not long ago, a friend's wife gave birth to a child.

the friendship between me and this friend is both a poker friend and a drinking friend. In short, we "do all the bad things" together.

when I just graduated, I had to go to an internship the next day, and we still took a taxi to the bar, and a group of people drank so much that they didn't recognize their relatives and shouted, "have fun when you are happy in life."

he never plans for his future. He often changes jobs. As long as everything is happy, the mantra is "it's not that I'm not worthy of the company, it's that the company is not up to me."

but after having a child, a friend seems to be a different person. He didn't have his voice in the booze group, and he even had to go back to the occasional party in advance. In the second month of having a child, he even changed a stable job and went to Didi part-time on his rest day to make money for milk powder.

before, when I talked about the word "father", I would feel that I was an unsmiling elder. It was not until I saw that my peers became fathers that I found that the title "father" could really change a person completely.

A naughty boy who pulled the braids of a female deskmate when he was a child, and a young man who was ashamed to talk about his first love when he was a teenager.

every father used to be an indecent boy, and it was the years that slowly sharpened him into his father's shape.

during the epidemic, I once went out and called a Didi and saw a children's picture on the back of the front seat showing doctors and nurses in protective clothing with "Wuhan come on" in childish handwriting.

the painting is carefully molded with plastic film and specially placed in a conspicuous position that passengers can see as soon as they enter the door.

seeing me looking at the painting, the driver proudly introduced: "my child drew this. He said he would be a doctor in the future."

at that time, it was the early spring cold, and the master opened the chatterbox all the way because of this painting. He said that he had opened a small shop before the epidemic, and everything had gone for the better, but when he thought of the epidemic, he could not afford to pay the rent, so he had to close the shop and come to Didi to earn some money.

"it's cold these days, so some people don't want to come out of the sports car. I just stick this picture and think about the baby when I'm tired. What if the shop is gone? we can't collapse for the sake of the children! " The driver smiled simple and honest.

later, I saw a series of stories about Didi drivers on the Internet. Among these ordinary people, I see too much of the power of fathers.

there is a father named Wang Zhiyong who has a protruded lumbar intervertebral disc and is unable to do heavy work. He also likes grazing and thinks "it's fun and free to raise something."

but when he reached middle age, he chose to leave his comfort zone and his familiar rape cauliflower, sheep and sheepdog-just because his son Wang Xu was admitted to the city's school.

although his sensible son told him not to go with him, he said he could take care of himself. But more than 300 kilometers away from home, the child is alone, Wang Zhiyong is reluctant to give up. More importantly, as a father, he doesn't want to miss his son's growth.

the responsibility and love of the father made Wang Zhiyong sell his sheep and move to Hohhot with his son.

after graduating from junior high school, he has no other professional skills and can only work as a takeout at first, and often loses money overtime because of unfamiliar road conditions.

the old herdsman who gave up herding sheep for his children felt as if he had been abandoned by the city. But for the sake of the child, he gritted his teeth and held on.

later, he found a job as a green orange bicycle operator and finally gained a foothold in the city. Father and son have time to eat together and travel around the city looking for bikes.

Love makes "Shepherd Dad" stop herding sheep and learn to adapt to the city that once frightened him.

and Wang Ping, a father of Bijie in Guizhou, sent his four children to college by running Didi, of which the eldest, the second and the fourth were all girls.

Master Wang went out to work after graduating from primary school and suffered from being uneducated. He took out a loan to buy a used car and ran Didi in Kunming, vowing to let several children go to college no matter how hard they were.

at first, the eldest daughter got mediocre grades and only went to a technical secondary school. His fellow countrymen advised him to "enough". The girl, the boss, the technical secondary school, was almost done, and there were still four children to supply.

Look no further than mother of the bride fall dresses and radiate your elegant beauty. Our large collections of collections are second to none.

but Wang Ping doesn't think so. Boys and girls are the same with him, let the boss read the book anyway. The eldest daughter went to a junior college, then went to a junior college, and finally graduated from Zunyi Medical College and became a doctor.

he riveted his sports car because he knew that the word "father" meant not only to raise children, but also to raise them well.

it's Wang Ling's turn to take the college entrance examination this year. She saw that many girls of the same age in the same village had got married and had children, and some of them had not finished their freshman year of high school when their family asked her to go back, saying that her savings were for her brother to study. At one point, she wanted to go to vocational school because of her poor grades.

after so many years of sports car, Wang Ping never shouted tired, but his daughter's giving up made him angry.

after a long talk between father and daughter, Wang Ling decided to take the exam well. She still remembers what her father said to her: "Dad will read for you if you smash pots and sell iron. If you try again, I believe you."

as a result, everything was as expected by her father. Wang Ling finally performed excessively and was admitted to her favorite undergraduate college.

every Father's Day, it is said in the copywriting that fatherly love is like a mountain.

but my father was not born with mountain fortitude and stability. People don't know how strong they are until they become a father.