Be a man like a glass of water (excellent)

Be a man like a glass of water (excellent)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as a man, you don't have to be as strong as the scorching sun or soar into the clouds.

the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it, and the bright moon will wither in the end.

be like a glass of water: smart, inclusive and clear.

Water, a simple word, hides the wisdom of life.

Water through mountains and rocks is persistence, sailing against the current is courage, and high mountains and flowing rivers are poetic.


be like water, accept all rivers, be lenient to others

be like water, accept all rivers, be generous to people.

Laozi once said, "the upper good is like water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

A human being should be like water, nourishing and embracing all things, but there is no dispute everywhere. It is precisely because of this open-minded mind that we can gather the energy around us into the ocean.

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Water, which seems colorless and tasteless, actually has a larger pattern. The bigger the pattern, the broader the mind.

Di Renjie, as a famous minister of a generation, is deeply loved by his subordinates.

once, he was ordered by Wu Zetian to work through a snack stand and was once reprimanded by a beggar!

it turns out that when they were eating, they accidentally took away the beggar's bowls and chopsticks, and the beggar asked for one or two silver coins to make amends.

Dichun was furious and argued with him.

Di Renjie smiled and said, "just give him a silver or two. We have work to do."

begging was shocked and ran away with the money.

Dichun began to complain, while Di Renjie continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

in his eyes, getting down to business is the most important thing.

because of his tolerant heart, he is surrounded by talented people who come from all directions.

in fact, people are as tolerant as they are.

as the ancients said, "the greatest calamity arises from being unable to bear it for a moment."

many disasters are caused in a moment.

the true tolerance is to be free from trivialities, to be able to see higher benefits, and to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages.

there is no need to compete in the mouth. A person with real ability will certainly tolerate a person who has no ability.

like water, it can not only hold all things, but also clean up dirt and be good at enlightenment.


being a man is like water, colorless is pure, and desire is just

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "the thickness of virtue is thicker than that of a naked son."

A person who is virtuous and profound, like a newborn baby, is honest and pure, clear and clean.

in fact, at the beginning of life, it is pure and flawless, but some people ask too much and it is difficult to fill their desires, which leads to the tragedy of life.

once upon a time, a gold miner went to visit a tribal leader.

the leader said, there is endless gold in this mountain. You make a mark and come back before the sun goes down. All the gold from here to your mark is yours.

as a result, the sun went down and the gold prospector had not come back yet. He was tired to death on the mountain because he had walked too far.

indulge in the desire for fame and wealth and can only slide into the abyss step by step.

Zhuangzi once said: the wrens nest in the deep forest, but one; Yan rats drink the river, but full.

Today, when desires and materials are extremely rich, few people can achieve spiritual satisfaction.

as the saying goes, there is no greater disaster than discontentment. The reason why

water can purify all things is that it is simple and frank.

can look to the end at a glance, move fish and floating algae, and static can reflect all things.

be like water, calm and quiet, clear mind, don't be lost by desire, stained black and white.

Happiness is a glass of white water. Although there is no colorful noise, it is clean enough to quench thirst.

if the days are simple, there will be no disputes in life, and life, like water, will be happy enough.

to be a man like water, life is simple, there will be no disputes in life, and life is like water, it will be happy enough.

only in this way can my life be wonderful and splendid.