At the end of Fu health: eat three, drink three, health depends on these three!

At the end of Fu health: eat three, drink three, health depends on these three!

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as the saying goes, people die of heat after autumn.

although it is the Beginning of Autumn, autumn tigers are still raging.

at this time, high temperature, high humidity, damp-heat steaming, once damp-heat evil gas invades the body, it is easy to cause diet, nausea and vomiting, loose abdominal pain, weakness and tiredness.

therefore, the last tonic is to invigorate the spleen and replenish qi.

Last Fu is the last bus for summer treatment of winter disease. We must pay attention to physical care and draw a successful full stop for dog days.

after the last fall, in the face of hot, humid and temperature differences, how can we keep our bodies healthy?


eat three kinds of

1, mutton-force the body chill away

as the saying goes: a bowl of mutton soup on a summer day does not need a magic doctor to prescribe a prescription.

eat mutton and drink mutton soup in summer to strengthen the body, nourish yin and replenish qi.

Sheep soup is eaten in winter because it is too cold and needs mending. The summer weather is too hot, the appetite is not good, the body is actually in a state of overdraft.

coupled with eating cold drinks and blowing air conditioning in summer, cold air accumulates in the body.

after drinking sheep soup, through sweating, you can get rid of the dampness and chill in the body and improve immunity.

2, balsam pear-- reducing fat and detoxification

balsam pear is a dish that people often eat in summer, it is rich in vitamins and crude fiber, often eating balsam pear can dispel fire and detoxification, invigorate spleen and appetizer, replenish qi and relieve fatigue.

Momordica charantia contains balsam pear, which is called fat killer, and the saponins also have the effect of reducing blood sugar and blood lipid.

but pregnant women should be careful not to eat more.

you can use balsam pear to scramble eggs, Bitter Melon in Sauce can.

3. Wax gourd-- boosting appetite

wax gourd is rich in eight essential amino acids and eight trace elements.

wax gourd has no fat and reasonable nutritional structure, which can effectively solve the loss of appetite in summer.

wax gourd has low sodium content and high potassium content, which has a good adjuvant therapeutic effect on arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases.

vegetarian fried wax gourd and shrimp wax gourd are good choices.


drink three things

1, lotus leaf Congee with Mung Bean Congee: clear away heat and relieve summer heat

the weather is hot in dog days, the digestive system of the elderly and children is poor, loss of appetite. You can try the lotus leaf Congee with Mung Bean Congee. It can not only clear away heat, but also nourish the stomach.

practice: soak the mung beans and boil them into bean flowers to make mung bean soup. Then boil the rice into porridge, pour in mung bean soup and rock sugar when almost cooked, stir evenly, after the porridge is cooked, put the lotus leaves on the porridge, cool and eat.

2, Coix rice red bean porridge-invigorating the spleen and removing dampness

severe dampness and heat in summer days, sweating a lot, so it is necessary to remove dampness and strengthen the spleen.

Coix seed, also known as Coix seed, six millet, cool, light taste, with spleen, dehumidification, heat and suppuration and other functions. Warm in nature, suitable for most people.

after the barley rice is cooked, boil it with red beans and Euryale seeds until it blossoms, then add rock sugar and serve.

3, Hawthorn ice porridge-fat-eliminating appetizer

Hawthorn appetizer and spleen, suitable for old people and children with poor appetite.

Hawthorn ice porridge: wash Hawthorn and set aside. Soak the rice for two hours. Put cold water in the pot, boil the Hawthorn for 15 minutes and remove. Add rice and rock sugar and cook. After cooling, put it in the refrigerator. Young people who like ice porridge can add the right amount of crushed ice.


do three things

1, protect the heart

now the Beginning of Autumn has passed the solar terms to prevent autumn dryness. According to traditional Chinese medicine, emotional changes directly affect the operation of blood gas, and bad mood will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

the last volt protection of the heart should do these three things:

1 regular life and maintenance of blood vessels.

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2 ensure sleep, preferably for a while.

3 eat less raw and cold, protect the stomach and intestines as well as blood vessels.

2, protect spleen and stomach

at the end of Fu Qingbu, mainly to invigorate the spleen and relieve dampness. Invigorate the spleen and replenish qi, you can eat more food that dispels dampness and heat, invigorates the spleen and stomach. Such as Poria cocos, to promote the recovery of spleen and stomach function; Euryale fruit, yam, millet all have the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, and so on.

pay special attention to the fact that when eating lentils, you must cook thoroughly until the color is no longer green, otherwise it will cause food poisoning.

3, nourishing u200du200du200d

eggs, bean products, chicken, duck and fish are good sources of high quality protein, which can be eaten properly.

"light" diet means that you should pay more attention to hygiene when eating, don't eat too much greasy, high-fat, spicy food, eat more fruit and drink more water.

sparse staple food is suitable, you can drink some Congee with Mung Bean Congee, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on. Such a light diet can clear heat, prevent heat, absorb sweat, replenish fluid, and increase appetite.

if you have a bad appetite, you can add vinegar when cooking, which can not only give birth to an appetizer, but also inhibit germs, and can also eat some sour fruits such as kiwifruit to help appetizer.

August 10 to August 19, 2021 is the last volt of the three volts. Make up for the last 10 days, better than eating ginseng for a whole year!

eat three kinds, drink three soups, and don't miss the dietotherapy and health tips for the last 10 days.