As soon as I put it down, I feel at ease.

As soon as I put it down, I feel at ease.

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A young man went to the mountain to consult the Zen master and said, "I can't let go of some people, nor can I let go of some things." The Zen master said, "there is nothing in the world that cannot be put down."

the young man said, "but I can't let it go."

so the Zen master handed him a teacup and poured hot water into it. The water overflowed, and the young man was so hot that he let go immediately.

the Zen master said: "there is nothing in the world that cannot be put down. When it hurts, it will naturally be put down."

in life, we always have too much persistence.

if you feel bitter, tired and tired, you might as well learn to put down what should be put down, give up what should be abandoned, and clear your heart so that you can move forward light.


some people let go of a new life

in our lives, maybe we have all loved someone by mistake, believed an oath by mistake, or talked about a relationship by mistake.

in many moments, not all the true feelings and kindness can find the right and most worthy person. If the person is far away and the love has faded, why bother to stalemate and entangle.

sometimes, when you let go of the other person, you just let yourself go. Sometimes, when you choose to give up, you have a new life.

during the period of the Republic of China, the upright cardamom and talented Meng Xiaodong fell in love with the older himself and the Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang who already had a wife and a concubine.

in order to be with Mei Lanfang, Meng Xiaodong put down his self-esteem and future and endured tremendous pressure and grievances from the outside world in silence.

but just when Mei Lanfang's eldest aunt died, Meng Xiaodong went to observe filial piety according to etiquette, but Mei Lanfang's second wife stopped her and refused to admit that she was a member of the Mei family.

Mei Lanfang was originally in it, but he never stood up to speak justice for Meng Xiaodong.

at that moment Meng Xiaodong finally realized that no matter how much she gave and waited, Mei Lanfang could not give her a title, or even loved her wholeheartedly.

she had regrets, disappointments, and even unwillingness, but later, she learned from the bitter experience and announced in the newspaper that she had completely separated from the Mei family from then on.

after this, Meng Xiaodong focused on the career of Beijing Opera. She had thought that she would spend her life alone without Mei Lanfang.

later, she met du Yuesheng, a gang boss in Shanghai.

du Yuesheng not only dotes on her, gives her a beautiful wedding, gives her a real home, and even makes up for all the injuries she has suffered.

there is a saying: "you can never move someone who doesn't love you, just like you can never wake someone who pretends to be asleep."

in a relationship, never hold superfluous expectations and illusions.

some people, if they don't love you, why not let go. Some people, if they don't care about you, why not choose to leave.

when you leave the wrong person, you can meet the right person. When you let go of the wrong heart, you can get the right love.


some things let go

there is such a conversation in the Strange Treatise.

Ma Dong said that as time goes by, we will eventually forgive those who have hurt us.

Cai Kangyong said that it is not called forgiveness, it is called forget it. We're not saints, we're just tired, so forget it later.

there are many times when we think that forgiving others is out of compassion for others, but when we let go of our past grudges, it is precisely to set ourselves free.

I saw Pan Shiyi write an article in Yilin magazine.

he once mentioned that he had made a list of people he had always held a grudge against. One of the people who hurt him most was his distant uncle, for which he held a grudge for 34 years. It turned out that when he was a child, this distant uncle was a school teacher, but his children did not do well in their studies, but Pan Shiyi always scored 100 points, which made the uncle feel very humiliated.

because of his poor family composition, he was only qualified to wear a red scarf in the fourth grade of primary school, but when the teacher tied him a red scarf, the distant uncle, out of jealousy, picked him up in front of more than 100 students in the school. stand on the podium.

at that time, many naughty classmates spit on him, and some students were laughing at him. Several teachers begged their uncle to let him down, but his uncle wouldn't let him down.

so he stood on the podium for an hour or two, which was a great childhood shadow and injury to him.

when he grew up, he could not forgive the uncle. Although the uncle passed away for many years, he was very unhappy when he thought of him.

later, he chose to put aside his hatred for the uncle and the list of hatred in his heart, and finally he had a feeling of recovering from a serious illness.

perhaps, in everyone's life, there will be some things that you can't let go, can't let go, or even can't stop.

the more you care about it, the more you will be heartbroken. The more you remember, the more painful it will be.

sometimes, when you learn to untangle your grievances against others, it is precisely to open and untie your heart knot.

sometimes, when you learn to let go of your grudges against others, it is precisely to let go and reduce the torture you have inflicted on yourself.


some words let go

everyone living in this world will inevitably be judged and discussed by others.

but many times, we are in a bad mood because we are too easily stimulated and influenced by the words of others.

sometimes we get angry when we encounter sarcasm and sarcasm from others. Sometimes, meet other peopleThe slander and slander, we will become furious.

Lu Meng, prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, when he first took office, many people made personal attacks on him because they were dissatisfied and made irresponsible remarks behind his back.

once, when he passed by, someone said in a disgruntled tone, "can he be prime minister even if he is so good at it?"

if it were an ordinary person, he would be caught and confronted on the spot, or at least know who said bad things, so that he could get back at them in the future.

but this was heard by Lu Meng, but he pretended not to hear it and went straight past. At that time, the officials traveling with him complained for him, but they were stopped by Lu Meng.

he said, "Don't worry about it. If I knew his name this time, I would keep thinking about him. It's not necessary." Besides, he only said that it had nothing to lose to me. "

when a person ignores those deliberately slanderous remarks, he will live a more relaxed life.

but if he has to worry about it, he will add a lot of unnecessary mental pressure and burden to himself invisibly.

in the Book of the New Tang Dynasty, Wu Zetian became emperor and appointed Di Renjie as prime minister.

one day, Wu Zetian asked Di Renjie, "you used to work in Runan with excellent performance and were very popular with the people." But there are some people who always slander and frame you. Do you want to know? "

Di Renjie immediately pleaded guilty and said, "if your Majesty thinks that those slanders and false accusations are my fault, I should listen to them and correct them.

if your Majesty thinks that it is not my fault, that will be a great blessing for me. I don't want to know who is slandering me and how. "

there is a saying: "those who are pure are clear, and those who are muddy are self-turbid."

A person in the world will inevitably get involved in right and wrong.

sometimes in the face of the slander and slander of others, the more you care, the more you block yourself. The more you fight, the angrier you make yourself.

on the contrary, when you let go and other people's false comments on you, you can live more comfortably and feel more peaceful.

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the philosopher Plato once said, "if you are not happy, then let go; if you are reluctant to give up, then pain."

I don't know if you find that most of our troubles and frustrations in life are precisely because we are too persistent.

some wrong people, only if you learn to turn around and leave, will it be possible to meet the happiness that really belongs to you.

there are some things that have gone too far, and only when you learn to stop the loss in time can you make your heart calm and happy.

if there are some thorns, only if you learn to face it calmly, can you make your life less sensitive and tight.

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