Amazing law of magnetic field: who you will meet is preordained.

Amazing law of magnetic field: who you will meet is preordained.

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I have to admit that there is a magnetic field between people.

some people feel familiar at first sight, and some people don't get to know each other for several years.

even some friends began to laugh and then got separated one after another because of all kinds of disagreements.

the magnetic field emitted by a person determines who he will meet and who he will end up with.

what kind of person you will meet and what kind of life you will live, your magnetic field has long been destined for you.


positive personality attracts

A young man complains to a wise man:

Why does no one around like him, even if he makes a friend, but will eventually leave him?

the wise man asked him, "how do you get along with your friends?"

the young man replied:

"I am usually more withdrawn and seldom associate with people, but I am very sincere when I meet a bosom friend."

but I am a little pessimistic. I will tell my friends about unhappy things, but in the end, fewer and fewer people will listen to me. "

the wise man replied, "No one wants to be around people with negative energy all the time."

A person's character is a person's energy field.

optimistic people like the sun bring positive and sunny energy to people wherever they go.

I would like to ask, who does not welcome such people wherever they go?

in interpersonal communication, few people are willing to socialize with a sentimental, disorderly "Lin Daiyu" type of person.

Psychological researchers have always believed in the saying: "positive attraction, negative distance".

that is to say, the more positive emotions a person has, the more people his magnetic field can attract to him like gravity.

A person's character affects a person's magnetic field energy;

a person's magnetic field also affects a person's luck.

I have a sister who has been in a lovelorn period for some time.

A person will be paranoid as soon as he is lovelorn, which is reflected in his appearance and temperament. He is listless and depressed, like having a serious illness.

people who had good business ability ranked last in efficiency during that period of time.

when I went out to see customers, I left the most important information at home, and the negotiations naturally turned yellow in the end.

the boss scolded her. She quit her job angrily, and she lived a hard life for several months when she had no income.

when the mood is low, the magnetic field is a negative energy state.

if the magnetic field is not good, people are prone to bad luck, things do not go smoothly, and bad things always happen to him.

your magnetic field is your luck.

I quite agree with the saying:

everyone has their own magnetic field.

the magnetic field emitted by a person with a pure soul is good, and the people around him will feel comfortable.

the magnetic field emitted by a person with a dirty soul is not good, and the people around him will feel uncomfortable.

this is why in the social arena, some people are popular, others are heard and run away.

if you want good things to happen to you, the first thing to do is to adjust your state.

you know, people get along with others not by money or status, but by the charm of inner energy.

mobilize your energy, be positive, and naturally good people and good things will come to you.


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the three values are different, so there is no need to merge

some time ago, a couple of "golden boys and girls" broke up in moments.

when asked why, I know that although I like each other at first, I can't get along with each other in practice.

for example, when they went to the new restaurant together, the girl ordered the new specialties on the menu, but her boyfriend said, "is it not appropriate to order popular dishes that everyone likes?"

for example, on the weekend, the girl hired a cleaning aunt to clean, and her boyfriend couldn't bear to watch: "with so little work, you can't clean? you're too lazy."

some people ask: what is the furthest distance between people?

it's not the distance or thousands of miles away, but I'm standing right in front of you, but I can't talk to each other.

you say the sea is beautiful, he says people have drowned there;

you say sports cars are beautiful, but he says can poor people like you afford to buy them;

you see a funny joke, he asks you if you are crazy;

you spend your own money to buy a pair of high heels, he will not appreciate them, but denigrate them as ugly and wasteful.

what is the difference between the three values? this is the disagreement between the three values.

psychologist Horney once said:

"the biggest gap between people is not status, rich or poor, education or beauty, but values."

when there are great differences in experience and pursuit, lifestyle, and perspective between two people, you tell him about the romance you have seen, and he can only respond to you.

different values, getting along with each other is like casting pearls before swine, which will only make people more and more tired.

get along with others, the three values are the foundation.

when you are with people who share the same values, you simply don't feel too good:

the same point of laughter, you don't have to worry that a moment of laughter will make the other person look different;

empathy, you are not afraid of the other person's misunderstanding, you can rest assured that a lot of things are on your mind;

values are the same, talking is very pleasant, and you can spark from time to time.

the three values do not agree with each other, just like two parallel lines, no matter how hard you try, there is no intersection.

the magnetic field is the same, even if we are speechless, we will still feel warm and comfortable.

and the essence of any harmonious and long-term relationship in the world is to get along comfortably.

Life is short. Don't try to change others and embarrass yourself.

if happiness is shared with the wrong person, it is showing off; when sadness is shared with the wrong person, it is hypocritical.

everyone has their own magnetic field, and only when they are with people who share the same values will they be at ease and at ease.

this kind of relationship can get along comfortably and last for a long time.


the best relationship is the same frequency, which is the same frequency resonance.

the so-called same frequency means that two people have the same view, interest and goal of the world;

the so-called resonance is that the spiritual world of two people can be linked to each other and can communicate, inspire and nourish each other.

background reader Xiaoya once shared her own story:

Xiaoya always had a dream of opening a shop. when she told her husband what she thought, she not only received cynicism from the man, but also threatened with divorce.

thinking that the child was still young, she had to give up.

after a few years, the child is getting older. She really can't stand the job she doesn't like now and will resign anyway.

of course, on the day I left, I also signed a divorce agreement with my husband.

according to her own plan, she found a shop in this city and opened it, and the business became more and more prosperous, which was a hundred times better than that after going to work.