Amazing law of cause and effect: good people have nothing to lose.

Amazing law of cause and effect: good people have nothing to lose.

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someone has always told you:

people are too kind and easy to be bullied, and good people often suffer losses.

in fact, life is a long process. To be a kind person, you may be wronged for a while, but it is only a short experience in life.

it is said in the Book of changes: "A family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing."

your kindness, nobody knows, God knows, will eventually become surprises and good luck later in life.

in fact, kind people have nothing to lose.


kindness is empathy between oneself and others.

I have seen such a news.

in a hotel, the manager accidentally pushed open a room, only to find the waiters huddled together, eating the leftovers from the previous table.

the manager pushed the door in, which made the atmosphere very awkward at that time. At a loss, the employees immediately put down their chopsticks and looked at each other in shame.

unexpectedly, the manager picked up a pair of chopsticks and said, "what are you eating secretly? why didn't you call me?" Just join us and eat together.

the tense atmosphere in the box immediately became relaxed and everyone began to talk and laugh again.

later, the manager met a difficult guest, and one of the employees tried his best to help him out.

the manager is very confused, why do you want to help me at this level?

it dawned on the manager when the employee told the reason.

when a person can put himself in other's shoes to take care of the decency of others and quietly ease the embarrassment of others, this is a kind of respect and kindness to others.

and this kind of kindness will eventually be properly collected, and it will become a light to shine on oneself.

A few days ago, Li Meng, a contestant in I am an actor, was pushed to the forefront of the storm.

after the performance, speaking of the past, Director Zhang Jizhong mentioned that Li Meng was changed in the crew of "Bai Lu Yuan" a long time ago.

Li Meng made it clear that it was no longer important and didn't want to mention it again, but Li Chengru at the scene insisted that she find her own reason.

in desperation, Li Meng said that his character was flawed.

when Li Meng was on the stage, he saw embarrassment, helplessness and embarrassment. At this time, actor Zhang Songwen stood up and said a few words.

he told the story of Apple in the Secret Corner, affirming Li Meng's talent in acting, but a little serious about the details.

Zhang Songwen spared no effort to come forward to rescue Li Meng, and people praised and even went on hot searches for his gentle move.

because I can't stand idly by the sufferings of others, I try my best to lend a helping hand.

someone once asked: why do kind people always sympathize with the joys and sorrows of others?

because kind-hearted people can always share the troubles of others and put themselves in the shoes of others.

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can't look at other people's pain coldly, so he is always gentle and warm-hearted.

and your tenderness and kindness will eventually return to yourself.


kindness is tenderness to help others and others

I have heard a true story.

A woman works in a meat packing factory. One day, when she finished all her work and went into the freezer for routine inspection, something unfortunate happened.

the door was closed unexpectedly, she was locked inside, and no one noticed her disappearance. Although she was beating and shouting bitterly inside, no one heard her crying.

it's time to get off work, most of the people go home from work, and the factory will soon be empty.

in the cold storeroom, no one knows what's going on inside.

five hours later, on the verge of death, the door of the freezer was opened by security guards and miraculously saved her.

later she asked the security guard how she could open the freezer door. It's not your job.

I have worked in this factory for 35 years, and hundreds of people come and go every day, but you are the only one who says good morning to me in the morning and farewell to me in the evening. Many people regard him as transparent.

you simply said good morning to me this morning, but I didn't wait for your goodbye after work. I guess something happened to you.

I look forward to your "hi" and "goodbye", because your greetings always remind me that

I am also a respected person.

you never know how meaningful kindness your inadvertent tenderness is to others.

you will not know that it is the goodwill of these Jiguang film feathers that saved yourself at the critical moment.

all the luck in the world comes from the blessings you have accumulated for a long time.

if you are kind, fate will solve your problems.

if you are gentle, you will naturally feel a gentle breeze and drizzle.

good people have nothing to lose, and there will be more people who love you in return.


kindness is a kind of mercy.

I have seen a Thai public welfare movie.

the old man is an 82-year-old man who picks up trash every day, pushing a dilapidated cart and rummaging through the garbage near the recycling bin.

as a person at the bottom of this society, wherever he goes, he is always unpopular and driven away.

but he has a compassionate heart.

when he sees the fate of a monk, he will give as much as he can;

when he sees that the little girl has no money to buy a popsicle, he slips a coin into the little girl's hand;

and he always walks with a limp, one of which is a prosthetic leg because of grinding.It is serious and needs to be replaced.

he applied to a social organization for a new prosthetic leg, which was always shelved in piles of papers and only a few pain pills were sent to him.

one day, when he was limping down the road, he was knocked over by an oncoming thief and his prosthetic leg was knocked off a long way.

the stolen bag fell off the car, and the old man clung to the bag and refused to let go of the thief. The police were about to catch up, so the thief had to give up.

this scene was seen by the little girl, but when the owner caught up, she mistook the old man for a thief and called the police to arrest the old man on the spot.

when the old man was caught on TV on the news and was seen by the little girl, she used the remaining coins from the old man to buy him ice cream, dialed the police station, provided her testimony, and cleared the old man's name.

people who misunderstand the old man come to see the old man's illness in person, and charitable organizations give artificial limbs to the old man.

the story of the old man is spread by word of mouth, and people are moved by such kindness.

at first, the apathy and defense between people were all put down, and people became tolerant and understanding of each other.

the behavior of the old man seems to be a bright spot, the coldness between people is diluted, and each other begins to become kind.

regardless of status, rooted in the goodness of the heart, is a person's highest self-cultivation.

it is like a seed rooted in the world. Wherever it exists, it can drive away the cold and sweep away the haze. Whenever you meet, people will become gentle and bright.

Little good to yourself, big good to others.

kindness is a kind of mercy that transcends oneself and others.

there is cause and effect, and there is reincarnation in everything. The rule of this world is that evil will be punished and good will be rewarded.

God will double your kindness.


although you are kind, God has his own considerations.

A friend runs the company smoothly, and someone asks him for tips.

he asked when was the last time he did a good deed.

the other party stumbled and could not answer. He said that he would donate materials to the mountain area every year.

the other party doesn't understand what this has to do with running a company.

he said:

"my company has been doing very smoothly these years, from small to big, from weak to strong. I think all this is inseparable from every good thought and every good deed.

I do something good, not to be famous, but to make myself feel more at ease. "

the six Zutan Sutra said: "all Fukuda cannot be separated from the heart."

the ancients also said: "people are good, although the blessing has not yet arrived, the misfortune is far away."

the law of cause and effect is an echo system. If you bring kindness to others, you will eventually reap unexpected goodwill from somewhere else.

if people have good thoughts, God will bless them. Kind-hearted people have nothing to lose.

because goodness obeys such a causal law:

if you want to be loved, you must first love;

if you want to be cared for, you must first care about others;

if you want to be kind to others, you must first be kind to others.

if you want to receive blessings, you must first show kindness to others.

the best intelligence in the world is kindness.

all smart people understand that kindness is the greatest degree of self-interest, and can accumulate unexpected good things for a person.

if you feel unlucky recently, you might as well do something kind. Your luck will gradually change in your good mind.

Shenguo may be late, but never absent.