Amazing Law of attraction: who you are, destined for a long time

Amazing Law of attraction: who you are, destined for a long time

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Rhonda Byrne mentions the Law of attraction in Secret:

that is, when you want to achieve something, the whole universe will cooperate with you;

when you want to get better, everyone around you is willing to help you.

your attitude towards life determines what kind of person you will become and what kind of life you will live.


what you complain about, what will happen to you

have seen such a story.

there is a graduate from a famous school who is diligent and capable, and is highly appreciated by the leaders.

once the unit promoted a young cadre, and the competent department recommended him. According to his educational background and ability, he is fully qualified for this post.

but he regretted losing the election.

the winner of the election was a colleague who was older than him, less educated and not as good at work.

it was only afterwards that he learned that the colleague who had won the election was a relative of a leader.

the defeat in this election has shattered the self-confidence of the graduate of this famous school.

he began to complain to people around him that he had no relationship with the company, that he would not kiss the ass of the leader, but would bury himself in his work and could not get ahead no matter how hard he tried.

his friends have advised him to change jobs. With his ability, he can find a better company and make greater achievements.

but he is reluctant to give up the company's good welfare and comfortable environment.

in this way, I was depressed day by day amid the complaints.

the newcomer recruited by the company later, although he did not graduate from a prestigious school, his position has surpassed him through hard work.

while he still complains that the company is impersonal, he complains that the newcomer has surpassed him.

everything has gravity, and what you complain about will happen to you.

in fact, life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles at you; if you cry to it, it cries to you.

if you complain about it, it will bring you more complaints.

in the adult world, there is no easy word.

the really strong is not running without tears, but running with tears.


what you believe will attract

I especially like the saying: "the quality of life comes from the power of the heart."

that is, what you believe in your heart, what you will attract, what kind of life you will live.

I have seen a TED lecture video before, and the speaker is spiritual mentor Lena Kay.

Lena's story has helped many people out of their predicament and lead a better life.

Lena was born in Kurdistan and was "stillborn" when she was not born.

A few years later, when war broke out in Kurdistan, she was smuggled to Iran with her parents and fled to London as a refugee.

her whole school days were full of gloom, poverty and embarrassment.

after work, it is even a mess: deteriorating relations with family, suffering from depression, brain tumors, facing unemployment, and barely living in homeless shelters on meagre benefits.

she also tried to change, but every time it backfired and things went from bad to worse.

until one day, her heart was deeply shocked by the phrase "you are the creator of life and situation".

she suddenly realized that all kinds of misfortunes in life are the result of personal choices.

since that's the case, why not choose a happy and positive life?

she began to study the classics in the fields of sociology, science and psychiatry, and then Lena discovered that

everything in the world, including our lives, is always guided by a mysterious force, which is attraction.

she suddenly realized: "if I had created my own misfortune, maybe I could eliminate it."

from that moment on, she believed that she could change her fate and control her own life.

she tries to adjust her body and mind so that she is no longer dependent on drugs; she uses reading instead of TV Replace complaining with actions and give full play to her management skills.

when she really changed her mind, shielded the negative magnetic field around her, and firmly believed that she could jump out of the quagmire, her body improved, her relationship with her family gradually repaired, and her financial situation improved.

finally, Lena reversed her life and lived the life of her dreams through the Law of attraction.

there is a good saying:

what you attract is what you expect.

believe in the good, and you will meet the good.


what kind of person you are, you will meet what kind of life

Last year, when gambling king Stanley Ho died, it caused a sensation.

what people are interested in talking about is the hundreds of billions of dollars owned by Stanley Ho, but in fact, the king of gambling has also been poor and destitute.

before the age of 13, Stanley Ho was indeed a rich young man. he had too much change to spend, only to play every day, and was at the bottom of his class in every exam.

but at the age of 13, fate played a big joke on him.

Stanley Ho's father was trapped in a stock market scam, lost all his property and took refuge in Vietnam, leaving only their orphans and widowed mothers.

because of helplessness, his mother and several brothers and sisters moved to live in the shed of the factory in Central.

the 13-year-old was driven off the bus by the bus driver because he had only a dime in his pocket.

I can only endure toothache and have no money to see a doctor.

his classmates and relatives look down on him, and no one is willing to help them.

A lot of peopleIt is said that Stanley Ho is lucky to meet dignitaries one after another during the low ebb, but he believes that a better life is inseparable from more studies, hard work and willingness to pay.

at that time, Stanley Ho knew that if he wanted to change his fate, he could only do two things: study hard and rely on himself.

so, in only one semester, he jumped from low achiever to high achiever and got a scholarship.

at this time, he met the first noble person in his life, his father's old friend Zhou Yannian.

Zhou Yannian funded him to study, and in 1939, Stanley Ho was admitted to the University of Hong Kong.

because of the halo of the hegemony of the University of Hong Kong, coupled with his stable and sophisticated character, he met his second great uncle, he Gantang, who was famous in Hong Kong at that time.

Why did Stanley Ho begin to meet dignitaries one after another at this time?

No one was willing to lend a helping hand when his family went bankrupt.

it was because when he began to try to get better, people saw that he was no longer a dude, so they began to look at him with new eyes and were willing to help him.

Stanley Ho once said:

"it's normal that no one wants to be friends with a worthless person.

when you are despised by others, you don't blame others, but change yourself first. "

the so-called luck is that you are getting better and more people are willing to help you.

there is a "Matthew effect" in economics: the stronger the strong, the weaker the weak.

what kind of person you are, what kind of world you will enter, what kind of life you will meet.

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if you are a hard-working person, you will enter an upward world and live a different life;

if you are a lazy and negative person, you will enter a downward world and live a life of muddling along.

you will always be the one who decides how far you can go and what kind of life you can live.

you are your ultimate and best destination.

Zhou Guoping once said: "We walk side by side in the dark, walking on our own pilgrimage path."

in fact, what kind of life you will live is preordained.

what will happen to you and what kind of life path you will take depends on your inner quality.

and your inner quality determines the quality of your life.

if you want to change your destiny, you must first change your inner quality and make yourself a positive person.

when you get better, you will meet more good people and live a better life.

in this world, there has never been a noble person. Anyone's noble person is himself.