All the next time is so far away.

All the next time is so far away.

Promise me that you will never say "next time" again.

Wen /Tong c

on the last day of last year, on the long-distance bus back home, I received a Wechat from C. He asked me if I wanted to count down tonight. I wanted to say yes in the first second, but the next second I thought, if the countdown is over, then, a group of people finished shouting "three, two, one." And then, isn't there a sense of nothingness that waits for the last second to achieve the best part of that moment, and then it all comes down to emptiness? So I said, no, I have something to do tonight. I'll ask you out for a drink next time.

but we all know that "next time" is just the best excuse for prevarication, because it doesn't require you to pull down your face and mercilessly refuse, nor do you need the other person to feel embarrassed by being rejected.

so I think someone will understand that if you say to me, "next time, watch. /eat. /go.", especially for those who are familiar with it, I will lose face and say, "Let's talk about it next time." In fact, I am afraid that people will think I am refusing, but I am actually doing it, PlanB. When I heard this, my first reaction was very happy, "Oh, we can go together." Ah, I'm really looking forward to it. " But then it will be, "Oh, next time, just play and listen." Be careful, not a pessimist, but be prepared. The story of


for a reason, it seems that from then on, I dare not look forward to what others say about the future.

never complained or said, "do you know I've been waiting for you for three years?"

three years ago, I was too young to cheat. I saw him for the first time, wearing a purple polo shirt and black sneakers, and the color on the dial was dark blue. The second time I saw him, we had dinner together. The music in the store was "Ningxia" by Leong Jingru. He said that he liked listening to mandarin songs very much, and then I completely gave up the habit of only listening to English songs. The third time, he took me to the station, when it was raining. I asked him, "do you have an umbrella?" He said, "No." It was an uphill road, and after the intersection, I got on the bus, and he asked me what song I was listening to. The last time, wearing gray clothes and a brown backpack, he called me and asked me where I was. I was ten meters behind him, and I said, "look behind you." He turned 90 degrees blankly and looked at the McDonald's sign until I ran up to him and smiled at him.

for the last time, he said, don't call me again.

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it took a long, long time to know that he had left after that day and returned to the place where they knew each other.

across a whole strait, a whole three-year wait.

C said: do you know that way? I dare not walk for a long time. I dare not go up that building for a long time. Once I saw a man who looked like him at the station. I immediately jumped out of the car and walked around behind me. I felt sorry for myself.

the suffering I have suffered and the feelings I have brewed in my heart have made me no longer dare to look forward to what others call "next time".

like this, you can't go back. Next time, what is it? I'm not even qualified to say "next time".

someone came to see me tonight, and she said, "have you been in touch with XX lately?" I asked her, you can ask this question I, you should have an answer in mind. She did not reply to me, I continued, nothing happened, just like a tacit understanding, agreed with each other, there is no "next time", it is like giving up automatically, I can only say that at this moment, if you are by my side, we cherish each other; the next moment, you go, I will not stay, we each cherish.

next time, don't bother.

anyway, pushing too hard can't be a good thing.

the weather is very low and bad today. Good night. I'm Tong c.