All my life, what do you want? (classic)

All my life, what do you want? (classic)

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Bai Juyi said, "looking back at the bitterness in the world, you can't ask for it."

nothing in the world is more bitter than asking, and nothing in the world is more joyful than a few desires and contentment.

in fact, sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

there is a destiny for life and death, and wealth lies in heaven. What can a husband ask for all his life?


do not seek innumerable wealth, but do not worry about food and clothing

as the ancients said: "do not focus on wealth, do not worry about poverty and humility."

do not pursue blindly because of wealth, do not worry and grieve because of poverty.

A thousand rooms in Guangsha, sleep no more than seven feet; food and clothing, but three meals a day.

Having difficulty making the right choice in a variety of wedding dress no train in online stores? There are massive collections on sale now!

too much wealth, but become a burden, food and clothing do not worry, is the best life.


do not ask for a full seat, but only two or three bosom friends

as the saying goes, "A thousand glasses of a bosom friend is less than a word of speculation."

the change of pushing cups in entertainment is not as good as talking around the stove and drinking warm wine.

it is better to make friends with two or three bosom friends than to please everyone.

No matter how big the circle of friends is, there is little left as time goes by.


ask not for a big house, but for a warm family

people often say, "Home is a warm harbor, no matter how far the boat is, it will land here."

the house is a place to carry years and feelings, not too big, just enough.

only the body of the house, there is no cold or warm world, firewood, rice and salt is not home.

A place full of love and warmth is called home only where there is smoke and fire in the world.


not for longevity, but for health

Cao Cao's poem: "although the tortoise lives, it still has its time."

Life is limited, the longest is no more than a hundred years, and there will always be a day when life comes to an end.

time cannot be kept, but health depends on yourself.

the value of life lies not in length, but in thickness. Only with a healthy body can we live a wonderful life.


not for a lifetime of glory, but for the rest of life with no regrets

"Linjiang Immortals": "right and wrong success or failure turns empty, Castle Peak is still there, several sunsets are red."

the magnificent sea will always be quiet, and the ups and downs of life will eventually return to ordinary.

resplendence is a temporary honor, and it is the joy of a lifetime to have no regrets.

for the rest of my life, I am not ashamed of the sky, bowed to others, and have no regrets for myself.


people live a lifetime, simple and safe is the greatest blessing.

relax the state of mind, no extra requirements, no need to worry too much.

the greatest success is to manage your own day well.

May you find your own happiness in the ordinary for the rest of your life, and you will be younger and younger as you live!