All losses will be compensated.

All losses will be compensated.

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people often say, "tomorrow or accident, you never know which comes first."

We think that life is long and the years are safe, but in the twinkling of an eye, things have changed.

in fact, life can not escape a few difficult times, some people are so caught up in it that they can not extricate themselves, while others go through the vicissitudes of life and return to glory.

Destiny is like a deal. What you lose, you get accordingly.

as said in "half an acre of Flower Field":

"in life, we all receive different scripts.

some are plain, some are strong, some are full of laughter, some are full of tears, anyway, I have to act well until the curtain ends. "

those memories are always hard to forget; those who are lost, there is always compensation.


Life's ups and downs

A Dream of Red Mansions has a very famous song, "hate impermanence", in which it sings:

in this life, no matter how much splendor and wealth one has in his life, it is not worth happiness and impermanence.

in the face of the uncertainty of life, one's attitude determines the direction of fate.

Wang Wei is called "Poetry Buddha" by the world, not only because he is open-minded, but also because he sees through the truth of life and understands the ups and downs of fate.

in 721 AD, Wang Wei went to Beijing to take the exam.

Li Fan, the king of Qi, recommended him to Princess Yuzhen, hoping to help Wang Wei win the championship.

with the help of Princess Yuzhen, Wang Wei was the top student in high school and created works such as "living in the Mountain in Autumn", "Yu Lun robe" and so on.

this year, he was 21.

although Wang Wei's starting point has become the end of many people's struggle for life.

soon, however, Wang Wei was demoted to Shandong because of the "Yellow Lion incident" and became a nine-grade official looking at the warehouse.

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this derogation lasts for ten years.

Ten years later, Wang Wei wanted to accompany his wife and lead a stable life, but his wife gave birth and both mother and son died.

Wang Wei, who lost his wife in middle age and then had no children, devoted all his energy to his work. Just as his teacher, Zhang Jiuling, was out of court, he was promoted to pick up relics on the right.

when Wang Wei made some achievements in his career, the an-Shi Rebellion broke out. Wang Wei was arrested and made a false official, but he was later rescued, but he was in prison and nearly died.

for anyone, these are extremely heavy blows, but Wang Wei is in the ups and downs, see through life and death, honor or disgrace.

as he said in his poem: "the vicissitudes of life, how much burden, what can I do?"

in his later years, Wang Wei lived in seclusion in Yanchuan, writing poetry and painting, and lived a very interesting life.

the best way to deal with the impermanence of life is to have an ordinary heart, living in the world, having ups and downs.

Lu Yao once said in Life:

"Life is always like this, and people can't be satisfied everywhere." But we still have to live passionately.

A person has a lot to love in his life. Don't lose heart just because he is dissatisfied. "

Life is not what you want, and there are always regrets and reluctance in life.

regardless of gain or loss, it is growth, and any choice is fate.

those gains and losses, honor and disgrace, scenery and haze, will become the stepping stones of life, paving the way for us in the future.


there is no absolute gain or loss

some people say:

"in the long river of life, every word, deed and action are inextricably linked with the future.

those who see, hear, gain and lose will form a causal cycle that will blossom and bear fruit one day in the future. "

there are no immutable results in life. What is the fate and what is the end? it seems that God has planned for a long time, but in fact, we are all experiencing the past.

in the Age of Awakening, Guo Xingang's experience is extremely painful.

he was originally an ordinary student at Peking University. when he learned that China's diplomacy at the Paris Peace Conference had failed and Shandong was not safe, he sat alone by the river and had white hair overnight.

in order to protect Qingdao, he wrote the blood book "return me Qingdao" and dragged the sick body to participate in the May 4th Movement. as a result, he had an attack of lung disease, vomited blood, and ended up depressed.

after his death, Chen Duxiu wrote an elegy couplet for him, which read:

in that dark era, there were too many aspiring young people like Guo Xingang one after another, and they lost their lives, only for the soul of the Chinese nation to survive and the revolutionary cause to continue.

maybe a heart and a cavity of blood can not illuminate the way ahead or dye the red rivers, but their will infects thousands of Chinese people and affects the fighting spirit of countless people.

Chen Duxiu once wrote in an article in New Youth:

have you ever seen locusts cross the river?

the first one went down to the edge of the water and was washed away, so the second came again, so the third, then the fourth.

in the end, their dead bodies piled up and formed a bridge, and the rest passed. "

there is no absolute gain or loss in this world. All experiences have their own unique meaning.

those who have met, the things they have experienced may not be perfect, but they give life the strength to resist despair.

Haruki Murakami said, "when you get through the storm, you are no longer the same person."

in this life, only by learning to find the truth in the predicament can we understand the meaning of life and have the best future.

all beginnings are the fate of fate, but all experiences depend on you and me.


learn to accept loss in order to better get

there was a question in Zhihu: "what is true happiness?"

some people say:

"everyone feels that they suffer a lot and envy the happiness of others, but the real happiness in this world is to accept the pain and pain of life, to regard loss as possession, and to regard predicament as scenery.

in this way, you can spend the rest of your life calmly. "

things are always unpredictable. instead of being in tribulation and chaos, it is better to calm your heart and accept it calmly.

when Zhang Boju is mentioned, perhaps few people have heard of his name, but nearly half of the collection of calligraphy and paintings in the Imperial Palace Museum is in his hands.

as one of the four Childs of the Republic of China, his only hobby is collecting.

whatever you like, be generous, never bargain, and do not hesitate to lose all your possessions.

even if the family falls and does not have enough to eat, they never want to sell their collections.

such a person donated all 118 national treasures to the state after the founding of the people's Republic of China.

in the end, I only got a certificate in exchange for a wealth of money.

some people feel that he is not worth it, and some people complain about him, but he says that all my things are in the Imperial Palace and will be passed on by the world.

for him, no matter how great the situation changes, he can't shake his mind, and those who lose are just to have more peace and peace.

people are always afraid of losing, but it is always a fluke to have something in life, and it is normal to lose.

there is a saying:

losing is bitter, parting is difficult, but as long as you look forward, there will be twists and turns, dark willows and bright flowers, and there will always be a different landscape in the future.

the end of a period of fate is never the end of the story, but means another beautiful beginning.


all losses will eventually be compensated for

things in the world are unforgettable partly because they can't be asked for and partly because they can't let go.

people always care about the past and ignore the present; insist on yesterday and forget the future.

in the end, I realized that life is a road that cannot be turned back. The more you care, the more you sink; the more entangled you are, the more you cannot go back.

in fact, life is a cycle of gain and loss. If you want something to gain, you have to give up.

learn to accept the cracks in life, because what you have lost will eventually make up for you at another time.

after the ups and downs of life, we don't know whether the sun is sunny or sunny, and we don't know the fate until we have tasted all kinds of things.

MiyazakiHayao once said:

Life is not precisely in the process of loss after loss, learn to grow and forge ahead.

all experiences are meaningful; all losses are compensated.

Life is like this. If you go around in circles, you will always be reunited after a long separation.

Don't be afraid of losing, don't think about the past, because all things go against one's wishes, there will be other arrangements; all losses will always come back in a different way.