All good children are in charge, and bear children are used to it.

All good children are in charge, and bear children are used to it.

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the decency of a family is often hidden in children, and how much parents pay for their children's education is clear in their children's words and deeds.

every bear child is accustomed to by the parents, and every good child is carefully cultivated by the parents.

never expect a child to be born good, for every child's excellence is soaked in the sweat of his parents.


behind every bear child,

there is a pair of unqualified parents

in life, we are most afraid of meeting bear children. there are three big fears about bear children: meeting bear children by car and plane, watching movies, and coming to your house to play.

how powerful is the bear child?

A flight in Nanning was rescheduled due to a typhoon, and a number of parents asked their children to make a scene at the airport

A woman reminded her child not to make noise when she was watching a movie, but was injured by her mother.

the whole family was expelled from the United States

during the rush hour, primary school students rode shared bikes in the Nanhu tunnel.

Bear children shut down three subway escalators in 5 minutes


through these events, we can find that behind every rampant bear child is the connivance of bear parents.

when the bear child makes a scene in public, the bear's parents say, "he is still a child."

when a bear child wreaks havoc in someone else's house, the bear's parents say, "he is still a child."

when bear children beat people and take things at random, the bear's parents said, "he is still a child."

"noisy" is indeed the nature of children, they are lively, restless, and curious at the same time, but all protection has a limit, and all tolerance must have a boundary.

A child cannot be a child all his life. A child is still young and ignorant, and cannot be a shield for a child forever. When his age is ahead of his mind, the world will no longer tolerate them.

first-rate parents cultivate their children's virtues, and third-rate parents cultivate their children's smelly virtues.

there have never been born bear children, only unqualified bear parents.


behind every good child,

there is a successful parent

Mo Yan once said: the excellence of children is soaked in the sweat of their parents.

in the program "traveling thousands of miles", Dr. he Jiang of Harvard told about his growing up experience.

he was born into a peasant family in Hunan. Neither of his parents had a high level of education, but they firmly believed that knowledge changed fate and encouraged the two brothers to study from an early age.

in rural areas, most young workers choose to go out to work, leaving only the elderly and children at home.

although he Jiang's family is very poor, in order to prevent their children from becoming "left-behind children", their parents did not go out to work, but stayed with their two children in the adobe house.

No matter how tired the work is, parents will insist on telling their children some inspirational bedtime stories to encourage their children to study hard.

a line spaghetti strap wedding dress are everlasting subject of fashion which show off your exquisite femininity. There are different cuts and styles to choose from.

the mother also often accompanies her two children to study together. She asks her two sons to tell her what they have learned in class, and to discuss with the two children if they don't understand.

my father also made a rule to keep reading every day.

he Jiang said that it was the imperceptible influence of his family that enabled him to stick to his dream all the time.

otherwise, he would probably be a drifting wage earner now, just like his friends in the village.

an outstanding child never produces an effect through the preaching of his parents, but is portrayed in his flesh and blood through his parents' behavior.

in the way of children's education, what has a greater impact on their children than their parents' educational level is their parents' awareness of culture, and children pay more attention to whether you are a competent parent than their parents' occupation and status.


truly far-sighted parents,

never expect their children to realize

there is such a scene in the popular TV series "Little Joy" some time ago.

Fang Yifan was suggested by the teacher to stay in grade for a year because of his poor grades. Tong Wenjie angrily scolded her son, and then hurriedly found her best friend Song Qian, hoping that she could help her son analyze his grades and help him with his homework.

Song Qian said that she didn't know how to worry, but now she began to worry.

Tong Wenjie said, Why didn't I worry about it? If he doesn't get good grades, I'll pay him to sign up for his class. is that a worry?

contrary to Tong Wenjie is Yingzi's mother, Song Qian. Although Song Qian is too controlling over Yingzi, Song Qian has always been conscientious in Yingzi's study.

she personally helped her daughter with her homework and used big data to analyze the changes in her daughter's grades and Yingzi's good grades. How much Song Qian's painstaking efforts were there?

in life, many parents are Tong Wenjie, who always think that they sign up for a class when their children do not study well, and teach their children a lesson when they fail in the exam.

always painstakingly asks the child to study hard, let the child be conscious, they think that this is very attentive to the child's study.

actually not, children are children, their self-discipline is very poor, few children can control themselves, do not expect children to be self-conscious, more need the restraint of parents.

there are never naturally conscious children, only parents who are supervised for a long time.


behind every excellent child,

is inseparable from the parents'"ruthlessness"

every parent hopes that their children can grow up happily, but the most educatedThe scam is called "son, as long as you are happy".

there is no knowledge or skill that does not need to be acquired through long-term tedious practice and persistence.

when the child doesn't want to do his homework, when the child doesn't want to practice the piano, when the child doesn't want to stick to good habits.

what parents should do is to actively guide and encourage, or even force their children to understand the significance of learning and persistence, rather than letting them say that their children are happy.

parents' impatience in their children's education is actually evading responsibility.

and every responsibility that parents evade in their children's education may face the risk of doubling in the future, and every painstaking effort made by parents in raising their children may be doubly compensated in the future.

when the TV series Tiger Mom and Cat Dad was popular, I still remember a line played by Zhao Wei as Bi Shengnan. She said:

society is very realistic and cruel. In a society where the law of the jungle is prey, the survival of the fittest is more often than that of the strong.

We can't protect our children forever. If we don't force our child to learn "72 changes" now, who will help him block the "81 difficulties" in the future?

if you want your children not to be eliminated by reality, you must teach them how to be strong. When they grow up, they will appreciate all the "unkindness" you have had.

Education is to make children a better person, to live a better life, and to have more choices in the future.

May every child have the courage to conquer the stars and sea in the future.