After watching this group of secret photos taken during the summer vacation 30 years ago, I quietly changed my child's holiday schedule.

After watching this group of secret photos taken during the summer vacation 30 years ago, I quietly changed my child's holiday schedule.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


with the arrival of July, the children's summer vacation begins like a raging fire.

A few days ago, I saw a mother's summer vacation schedule carefully arranged for her primary school children on the Internet.

the daily schedule is full from morning till night, not to mention the children, even I feel suffocated.

I don't know when the summer vacation of this generation of children seems to have changed more and more, losing their innocence, happiness and relaxation.


I can't help but recall the summer vacation in our childhood, which belongs only to the post-70s and post-80s generation of youth.

it was a distant and lovely era, with no overwhelming information and scattered troubles.

the sky is blue, the trees are green, the sun is warm, the wind is light, and the children's faces are always covered with smiles.

at that time, there was no ice cola or ice cream, and every household would make exclusive sour plum soup with a mouthful of sweet and sour, delicious mouth and a faint sweet-scented osmanthus aftertaste.

at the entrance of the alley, a group of children swarmed up with a shout. Don't guess, it must be the uncle who sells popsicles.

an old-fashioned popsicle for 20 cents can suck for a long time; a bottle of orange soda is enough to buy joy for a whole day.

at that time, there was no refrigerator at home, so my father put the watermelon in the cold well, waited for an afternoon, and then held the watermelon on the board.

with a knife, there is a click, and the cool air is overflowing.

the bright red scarlet flushed the faces the children were looking forward to.

every mouthful is sweet to the heart.

all summer heat is eliminated.

the big yellow dog dozed lazily, and the cicada played a summer concerto cheerfully on the banyan tree by the pond.

the dragonfly stands on tiptoe on the surface of the water.

at that time, the summer vacation was the sunset of plum and the stars of watermelon, the tenderness of laughing and cursing and the shallow setting sun.

although the summer is hot and the time is long, it is endless laziness and happiness.


there was no endless homework during the summer vacation at that time.

what's more, there are no endless supplementary classes; after finishing the only summer homework, there are always plenty of good times left.

at that time, there were no expensive entertainment facilities, but it was the most intimate moment between people and nature.

We always touch fish in the clear stream, stand by the stream presumptuously, play in the water and play, and always go home covered in mud.

the boys go up the tree to dig for bird nests and pick wild fruit, and we help at the bottom.

running "catching dragonflies" with a self-made net, the air is slightly fragrant with fresh soil.

that's when children are most curious, and everyone is passionately capturing the wonders of the world.

together, several smug girls weaved a wicker wreath on their heads and wound it out with dogtail grass, but refused to take it off all day.

after the heavy rain, we can't wait to pick up the bamboo basket, sing along the way, and go to the rice field to touch the snails in twos and threes. At dinner, after being processed by grandma's skillful hands, a stir-fried snail with all kinds of color, flavor and flavor comes out of the pot.

the most unforgettable thing is that we went to the entrance of the village to watch open-air movies.

from "Little Bing Zhang Ga" to "Underground Warfare", people always see the blood boiling, twittering like a cheerful bird.

after supper, we lay on the bamboo chair in front of the old house to enjoy the cool. The stars were always shining in the midsummer night, and fireflies were flying all over the fields.

Grandma shook the pu fan in her hand and told the story slowly. I fell asleep sweetly in the gentle evening breeze, and the flowing happiness had already been quietly frozen at that time.

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at that time, the summer vacation was slingshot and cricket, the unique fragrance of cool oil in the air.

every day is carefree, and every day there are new discoveries and new beauties.


at that time, there were no mobile phones or video games, but children always had fun easily; even the simplest toys always got the most heartfelt smile.

make an appointment with a group of friends for an exciting glass marble competition;

A clockwork tin frog is almost a standard match for everyone;

pull my brother to study all kinds of flower rope patterns; and then happily ran all the way to find a small partner to challenge.

at that time, there was no PSP, so who would be proud to have a video game console? a Tetris was robbed and played by everyone.

of course, children prefer to run out and play around rather than stay at home.

at that time, when I got up every day, I always hurriedly finished a bowl of rice and ran to my partner's door shouting loudly. This is how the lively and wonderful day began.

the classic eagle catches chickens; no matter how you play, you will never get bored.

and parents' hand-sewn sandbags of different shapes and colors; a small one can make a group of children play crazily all afternoon.

the boys' favorite is rolling iron rings. Once they are competitive, they won't get tired even running ten laps back and forth.

band jumping is a favorite of girls, and they can always be seen flying up and down at the entrance of the alley.

once, I accidentally fell while playing, my knee was bleeding, and the cry howled all over the compound. My mother smeared me with alcohol, but unexpectedly, the next day I went out to play with my friends like nothing.

at that time, the body always has endless vitality, as if never know fatigue, every dayAlways play until the moon creeps up the treetops, and then is carried home by my mother in the streets and lanes.

at that time, the summer vacation was chasing the sunset barefoot beside the railway, and the hero card of the glass bead iron box.

you can play whatever you see, and have fun wherever you go.


but now 30 years have passed in the twinkling of an eye, how do children spend their summer vacation?

they go to various interest classes and supplementary classes;

they are locked up at home to do their homework, finish this book, and there are ten more books.

Don't mention long-distance travel; some children are not even allowed to go downstairs to exercise.

the only extracurricular activity is reading extracurricular books; the only entertainment is watching TV and playing mobile games.

their summer vacation is busier and fuller than any other generation of children.

but more empty and numb than anyone else.

A few days ago, I saw a neighbor with a child downstairs. the little girl is in the third grade this year, and she is always timid to see strangers.

I spoke to the little girl:

the little girl leaned tightly against her mother's arm and did not speak, but her eyes glanced at her mother with a hint of expectation.

her mother answered:

the light in the little girl's eyes suddenly dimmed, silently released her mother's hand, bowed her head and followed.

I can't help feeling sorry for the child.

Today, children of our generation are rich in materials, with comfortable rooms, exquisite stationery, delicious fruit, not to mention the constant care and love of their parents, but only one thing is missing. that is the only spiritual food that belongs to children-- play.


Pasek, a well-known child psychologist, once said:

true intelligence and creativity do not come from strictly controlled activities or rote memorization.

what is most beneficial to children's physical and mental development is their spontaneous and independent play, especially outdoor play.

according to the data,

from 1981 to 1997, the time for children to play freely in China was shortened by 1/4. More than 70% of children must attend extracurricular tutoring classes on weekends.

many children are overprotected in the name of safety, stripping away the spirit of independence, adventure, and exploration from childhood.

I once saw a mother downstairs in the community, taking her 4-or 5-year-old son downstairs for a walk. The little boy saw snails in the soil after the rain and was about to pick it up when his mother yelled at him:

"Don't touch that!" How dirty "

then the little boy saw a group of children playing football in the clearing and asked his mother to join them, but his mother frowned:

" it's too dangerous. What if you fall? "

at last, I pulled the reluctant little boy upstairs.

in fact, the mother's starting point is not wrong, but excessive care cut off all dangers, but also cut off all the child's happiness.

after interviewing the childhood of nearly 6000 people, psychiatrist Brown came to the conclusion that

if you can't play freely in childhood, children may not be happy when they grow up and it will be difficult for them to adapt to the new environment.

because games can not only cultivate children's concentration and creativity, but also cultivate social skills and creativity, help them relieve stress and make them more optimistic and healthy.

in this day and age, a child who can't play is much more terrible than a child who can't learn.


whenever I am free on weekends or holidays, I take my son out for a walk and play.

I like to take him to the court to play ball and watch his sweaty face running wantonly on the field.

I like to take him to the suburbs to climb mountains and admire his stubbornness that he clenches his teeth and never gives up.

I like to drive him around for a self-driving trip, accompany him all over the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and record those moving moments.

I like to occasionally take him to live with his grandmother in the country, digging earthworms, catching frogs and fishing for lobster. His eyes are always shining brighter than ever before.

I can feel that my children are gradually growing up sunny, confident, cheerful and warm in this scene of "not doing their proper job".

I think that at a time when the pressure is increasing, our children need to go outside and relax and have fun.

is not to let him off the burden and completely indulge, but to let the child have an outlet for release under the heavy study.

I don't want to watch our child become a learning machine that can only read dead books, nor do I want him to recall his childhood one day with nothing but papers, study, endless anxiety and depression.

the eyes are full of pallor and regret.

give them back the sunshine of life, so that they will be more dazzling.