About the food festival at school

About the food festival at school

The strategy is: don't buy!

it seems that the school wants to build the "Dongguan Food Festival" into a brand activity of our Dongguan Polytechnic. Last year's Food Festival was held before the model, but this year just after the model, probably because many people do not want to go to the model bar.

this year's food festival is more powerful than last year. A big "arch" was erected at the two entrances, and it was also sponsored by Coca-Cola. If you remember correctly, this is the first time that Coca-Cola has sponsored our school activities.

this shows how much we attach importance to this food festival.

in fact, the predecessor of the school food festival is "industrial model", and the full name of "industrial and commercial simulation market" is intended to encourage students to start their own businesses, to buy a stall to sell things, and to earn some living expenses is the best outcome. It doesn't matter if you lose money, just buy a lesson. In fact, the original intention of this activity is good, but after I came to study in Dongguan, to tell you the truth, there are fewer and fewer student stalls in the model, and more and more business stalls outside.

like the 10-yuan 6-string shredded squid, pork chop buns, lemon tea, Chaoshan beef balls, small intestine in Taiwan, Naan bread, and fruit shaved ice that can be seen everywhere on the street, these are the "regulars" in the model. These "regulars" year after year are not stalls for students.

the original intention of the industrial and commercial simulation market is to encourage college students to exert their creativity and sell products that are novel and acceptable to the market. But at a glance, most of this year's work models are things that have long been common. Lemon tea alone, if you remember correctly, there are about 5.6.

forget it if it's not creative, it's not delicious, and the price is not close to the people. There are dozens of cooked food stalls in a model, and only one or two of them may have been posted on moments. When I met a book seller when I was shopping, I felt that it was rare to have a book stall. The stall owner must be very compelled and sentimental. Who knew that it was a fake book as soon as he bought back the dormitory and unsealed it, not to mention the paper dregs, but also printed many wrong words.

"No wonder it's so cheap." I slapped myself in the mouth.

maybe some people will ask me, "have you eaten?"

actually I haven't eaten all of them, but I ate several (5 or more), and several of them let me down.

Why fewer and fewer people go to work models, not only because everyone has become accustomed to this thing, but more importantly, the word-of-mouth and market of tool models have been rotten, year after year.

when there was a model, businesses outside saw that students' money was so easy to make, so they were looking for an opportunity to step in next year. I heard that in the 14th year, a good position was ridiculously high. Then, in 15 years, the booth fee was reduced to more than 1000. And this is a 4-day booth fee, if you add in manpower and material resources, who dares to play with creativity? Those who have a little business acumen will cook cooked food. The cost is low, the price is high, and if they are delicious, they can earn 300 to 500 yuan at any time.

I heard a friend who runs a milk tea shop tell me that the cost of a cup of lemon tea is really low.

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at the beginning, there were some working models that everyone thought was very novel, because they were all sold by classmates, and they would give face-saving even if they were not delicious. But now businesses are openly to circle the money, who is willing to buy. So they simply set up a purely commercial "food festival" that does not bid for students. They no longer talk about entrepreneurship or creativity, that is, they want to set up stalls and sell things to make money.

this is actually good, but the entrance to the food festival is just below the word "smile".

is really a little out of tune. I wonder if people who come up with the name "Guanya" will sigh:

"well, you never know."

in fact, I write this article in the hope that our school can be more academic. The lake was really good, the position is relatively partial, there is no commercial atmosphere. I just don't know why, but I have to set up business activities in a university that has no commercial atmosphere. But in fact, compared to the model, I prefer the food festival, at least people will not use the title of model to do pure commercial things, it is direct enough.

but I still hope you will promise me that if you are more elegant, you will be more elegant.