A truly happy family is not the agreement of the three values, not mutual understanding, but …...

A truly happy family is not the agreement of the three values, not mutual understanding, but …...

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writer Moore said:

each of us was born in a family, grew up in a family, and will start a family.

all the time in a person's life will remain in the family, and whether a person is happy or not also depends on whether the family can give him /her happiness or not.

what is a happy family like? Maybe the following three stories can tell you the answer.


the one you love is better off,


the writer Nietzsche said:

in Chinese families, there is often such a person who sacrifices himself because of excessive love in his heart, bent on making his family better, talking about himself and always ignoring him.

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recently revisited a classic emotional movie, "Diet Men and Women".

after reading it, I was deeply attracted by the interesting relationship between the family and the characters.

is to bring some kind of real family to the screen, real and thought-provoking.

Lao Zhu is a single father. After his wife died more than a decade ago, he lived alone with three daughters.

on weekdays, Lao Zhu is silent and inarticulate, and has little communication with his daughter.

the whole family is deserted, so the second daughter and youngest daughter are always looking for a chance to move out of the house.

Lao Zhu's body also shows signs of aging, such as gradual loss of taste and occasional extensive pain in his back.

the status quo of the family is seen by the eldest daughter Jiazhen one by one, so she made a decision.

she wants to stay with her father forever, in her old house now, even if she doesn't get married for the rest of her life.

she thought that as long as she sacrificed herself and stayed at home forever, the family would not fall apart.

for this reason, in the prime years of her 20s, Jiazhen always dresses herself very plainly, suppresses her emotions and deliberately does not have too much to do with the outside world.

she felt that she chose to stay with her father so that her father would not feel lonely in his old age, and the two sisters would not have to worry too much about family pressure.

Jiazhen, as the first child in the family, has put herself in the role of "mother" since her mother died, and she wants to support the family.

it's just the dedication and sacrifice of my family. In addition to turning my life into gray, even my sister will complain that she doesn't understand her.

she thought that as long as she chose to take care of her father and let her sister live the life she wanted, the family would be safe and sound.

but this is not the case. Because Jiazhen closes her feelings and does not make new friends, she only wants to restrain herself, wasting only a few years of youth.

at the same time, her silent sacrifice also made her sisters feel rejected outside the door of their feelings and unable to enter her heart.

the true happiness of a family is that every member of the family has a good life and can live the life they want.

instead of relying on the sacrifice of one person, in exchange for the happiness of others.

in life, every family has a family treasure.

always put the happiness of your family above your own happiness, thinking about your family all the time and neglecting yourself.

but a complete family means that every member of the family is comfortable, and "sacrificial" giving will not bring happiness to anyone.

such sacrifices often happen to parents and children.

educator Makalienko said:

sacrifice will not really relax the victim, but also put invisible shackles on the rest of the family.

they forget that they are also an important part of this family, and if they do not have a good life, this family is not the best.

Home, like a large energy supply station, requires everyone to provide energy, and then that energy protects everyone.


every generation has a good development, and

families will get better and better

those families that gradually achieve happiness can not do without the efforts of everyone.

the ordinary World is a TV series about the struggle of ordinary people, and it is also a story about a family from poverty to prosperity.

Sun Yuhou is an out-and-out farmer in the northwest yellow land. When his father died at the age of 16, he used his childish shoulders to support his mother and 5-year-old brother.

he didn't have a few happy days in his life. At first, he lived for his mother and brother, and then he lived for his three children. Poverty and responsibility were deeply branded in the wrinkles of his brow.

Sun Yuhou's life is full of hardship and suffering. although he did not grow into a towering tree, he turned himself into fertile and stubborn soil, allowing his three children to thrive and change their destiny.

his three children, who are also very proud, have changed the fate of the whole family by virtue of their own self-improvement, self-love and self-reliance.

Sun Shaoan dropped out of school early and stopped studying when he was young, because his family was poor. His father felt deeply guilty about this, but Shaoan understood his father's difficulty and shouldered the heavy burden of the family with his weak shoulders.

although he has read few books, he has not stopped making progress, but is still actively pursuing knowledge, pursuing progress, and changing the status quo.

dared to challenge life, and finally Shaoan became the "richest man" in Shuangshui village through his own hard work and became a rural entrepreneur.

Sun Shaoping has been fighting against fate, climbing with all his strength with his own hands and brain.

when he was a student, he was naked and underfed, but he was not sad and poor.Life is knocked down, not knocked down by lonely and hopeless days.

he walked out of the bleak life with his brain knowledge and personal practice, and he was unwilling to eat "public rice" at the cost of his own blood and life.

Sun Lanxiang is probably the smoothest one in this family, with the protection and love of two brothers and suffering less.

she is studious, clever and sensible. She was admitted to a key university in the college entrance examination and majored in her favorite major.

Lan Xiang crossed classes, fell in love with the son of the deputy secretary of the province and had a happy marriage.

knowledge changes fate, which is perfectly interpreted in her. She has completely changed her fate, becoming the pride of her parents and sisters-in-law, and the pride of Shuangshui Village.

the three brothers and sisters of the Sun family, relying on their own hands and minds, have completely rewritten the fate of the family in their own generation.

families can not continue to prosper without the efforts of several generations, and a generation depends on the efforts of not only one of them.

the happiness of the whole family depends on several people going hand in hand, everyone has their own clear life path to follow, and those who care about you will be relieved.

the road to happiness is like a relay race, with someone paving the first half of the road and someone picking up the baton in the second half.

as long as everyone goes his own way and finds his own happiness, the whole family will find happiness.


A truly happy family,

knows how to "get together and break up"

has such a big family in Qingzhen, Guizhou.

the big family consists of four small families, from two people at the beginning to more than a dozen people at last.

this family is known locally as the "most beautiful family". This is the Chen Lixiang family.

Chen Lixiang and her husband have four children, and the couple are diligent and frugal all their lives, loving and considerate to each other.

my daughter-in-law, who has lived with them for more than 20 years, said that she had only seen two people red-eyed once in such a long life.

husband and wife usually adhere to the principle that if they have clothes, they will not buy new ones, and if they can eat, they will not throw them away, so that the family can lead a healthy and prosperous life.

diligent and frugal in life, but when grandchildren or granddaughters need money for school, they will generously use their savings to meet emergencies, love their children and care about the people around them.

Chen Lixiang's husband is still a very filial person and will tell his children about their deceased grandparents.

whenever I worship my ancestors, I will shed tears.

it is precisely because Chen Lixiang and his wife have set a good example for the children, and the small family formed by the children is also very harmonious.

husband and wife understand each other, take care of each other and show filial piety to the elderly.

make their own little life prosperous, although it is dull, but they all feel very happy.

although one home is "scattered" into four homes, people will get together for dinner whenever there is time.

stir-fry some home-cooked dishes and sit in a circle around my parents-in-law, lively and friendly.

it is these real and ordinary years that make everyone in the family feel that such time is very valuable.

as we grow up, we are destined to be "separated" from our parents to form our own small family.

and every small family is like a torch in a fire, fully emitting its own light and heat, and the whole family will go on and on.

this kind of temperature with a long history is also a powerful driving force for the whole family to never go out on the way forward.

this motivation becomes a kind of power that fills everyone's heart and becomes a kind of sense of security.

at any time, the warmth given to a person by his family is the strongest backing. He will surround you tightly every time he can't see the light, and let you gush out from the bottom of your heart against the sword of darkness.

this warmth will also make a person really strong, strong enough to protect other loved ones, give him hope, give him protection.

writer Munir Nasuf said:

none of us can escape from the family relationship. We were born in a family and start our own family.

Family is a part of our life that we are bound to experience.

We complete our transformation in the family, and also enjoy the most precious emotions in the world.

this priceless love requires us to understand it with our heart; this heavy love protects us from being magnanimous and brave.

for the rest of our lives, thinking about working together with people who love each other is enough to make us happy and happy now.