A sense of ritual is a person's highest self-discipline.

A sense of ritual is a person's highest self-discipline.

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saw a video on Douyin

A gray-haired grandmother, wearing a helmet, riding a motorcycle and carrying a sports bag, galloped forward, smiling at the camera and saying "yeah".

her body is small, but her spirit is full, as if a little girl in her 20s is about to go out into the world.

netizens commented: she is not an old woman, but a cool "girl".

this reminds me of an article called "ritual is the best stimulant in life".

A person's mental outlook is not controlled by age and is determined by the state of mind.

when people reach middle age, they are also full of curiosity about life and keep chasing light.

even with chicken feathers, it can create a sense of ritual and make life steaming hot.


the sense of ritual

is good luck hidden in the details

at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Yang Qian won the gold medal in the 10-meter air rifle final.

in the competition, the little yellow duck on her head issued a card and swiped the screen network, which became her unique label.

in an interview, Yang Qian said that the hairpin of the duckling is her lucky thing.

pictures from the Internet

Be ready to buy stunning special occasion floor-length outfits and catch every eye in the crowd. You'll be pleased with your sophisticated look.

in fact, many athletes have their own "lucky rituals".

Deng Yaping wrote in Xinli: she will quietly press the table three times against the wind to stabilize her mood;

when Li Na goes to Australia to play, she will ask to stay in the same hotel and the same room;

there are athletes who will wear specific hats before the match and rearrange their equipment from right to left.

these rituals are to conquer the fear of the unknown and take the initiative to create some positive psychological cues.

Paul, a psychology professor in Amsterdam, wrote a paper on the psychology of athletes, published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, in which he pointed out: in important competitions, athletes have their own lucky rituals, which act as psychological placebos.

the sense of ritual can make people face the unknown, bring self-confidence and a sense of control, and reduce stress.

there is a colleague who will wear red every time he meets a client or attends an event.

such as pink skirt, rose trench coat, wear bright red lipstick.

she said: "Red is my lucky color. Every time I wear red, I feel stronger."

in psychology, color is associative and symbolic and can have an impact on emotion.

such as red, can remind people of the sun, flame, bring a warm feeling.

many restaurants use red as the dominant color to boost appetite.

there are always people who say that work is very hard and life is already so tiring, so there is no need to have a sense of etiquette.

in fact, regardless of age and circumstances, we should try our own sense of ritual.

A cup of coffee, a color, a bag, these small rituals will give you a positive hint, let you bravely face the problems of life, so that everything goes well.

the Little Prince wrote: "the sense of ritual is to make one day different from other days, and make one moment different from other moments."

A good life requires taking the initiative to create some sense of ritual.



is to add some sugar to the hard days

I went to a friend's house some time ago and found that she likes to make desserts very much.

she lives in a shared house, where four people share a living room and kitchen, with a total area of less than 10 square meters, filled with shelves, cartons, kitchen utensils, drinking fountains, and so on.

at first I couldn't believe that she could make a delicious cake in that small space.

as if by magic, she found blenders, mold boxes, flour, and all kinds of delicate nuts and biscuits from the shelf.

stir the egg yolk, whip the cream, put it in the oven and sprinkle with nuts. It went on in an orderly way, and a Shufflei did it.

A few of us sat around a small table, each with a plate, tasting dessert and gossiping in the dim light.

in that narrow living room, I actually felt a burst of warmth overflowing my heart.

the sense of ritual is not the exquisite elegance of vulgarity.

it is the sweetness of hard days and the rainbow of ordinary life.

I remember the story of Yang Lan studying in the United States. she was refused to find a job and was kicked out of the house by the landlady.

in desperation, Yang Lan walked into a coffee shop with his hair in his hair, and the shop was filled with very fastidious people who gave her a strange look.

later, an old English lady wrote a note and handed it to her: "the bathroom is behind you."

Yang Lan went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror to understand why she had failed so many times.

when she came out again, there was another note on her seat that read: "you should dress yourself up. Only such people have aura and dignity."

many netizens commented at the bottom of this story: why don't you take the baby for a try and see if you still have time to dress up?

Yes, life is hard, and we have given it all to survive.

every day in the robbery, there is no time for refinement.

but from another point of view, maybe you are stuck in the mud and full of sadness, should you just let yourself be decadent from now on?

one should take the initiative to pull himself out of the abyss.

to make a dessert, buy a sweater and go to the bookstore to listen to music are these trivial rituals that can defuse the cold in your heart and revive you.

GermanyThe writer Loreleis, in Why We need rituals, wrote: "A life with a sense of ritual gives us a sense of existence. Not to leave any impression on others, but their own heart in the real sense of life, live enthusiastically. "

Life is too short, we should not only survive, but also live well.

Life is hard, please add some sugar to yourself.


the sense of ceremony

is the greatest tenderness to yourself

in the yearning Life, there is a guest, Liu Xiaoyi, who is good at craftsmanship.

Huang Lei said, add some flavor of life to the courtyard.

I thought they would buy potted flowers as they did in previous issues.

as a result, Liu Xiaoyi went to the field with a bamboo basket and a hoe.

first under the tree, he dug up the green moss and put the soil in the bamboo basket.

I dug up an old blue-and-white porcelain bowl in the soil, and then picked some wild flowers and branches.

in this way, they use materials from the fields to create natural potted plants in the yard, which are very decompressed and relaxed.

in life, there is a lot of ritual that does not cost money, but it can bring the greatest joy.

take some time to run along the beach to vent your depression;

wander the streets and listen to people chatting; look at the afterglow of the sunset and feel the passage of time.

in ordinary daily life, we are overwhelmed by work.

the sense of ritual is the greatest tenderness to yourself, allowing yourself to be wanton once in a while.

there is a line in "desperate couple": "No matter how tired we are physically and mentally, we should maintain a sense of romance. Formalism is not good, but it is much better than being too lazy to go through the motions."

the sense of ritual is spiritual comfort and brings good luck to life.

the sense of ritual is to fulfill yourself and add some sugar to the hard days;

ritual is the romance in simplicity, adding a little tenderness.

I hope we can all try some rituals on a light day, brewing honey and blowing away sorrow.