A really good family must begin with education, be trapped in companionship, and finally grow up.

A really good family must begin with education, be trapped in companionship, and finally grow up.

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Huang Lei said: "there are as many parents as there are in the world, and there are no duplicate parents."

parents' different educational styles will produce different children.

behind the bear children, each has his own misfortune.

A really good family must begin with education, get stuck in companionship, and finally grow up.


begins with education

Zhao Wei sits chatting with other parents in the Variety Chinese Restaurant.

A mother complained: "the child doesn't like me anywhere. I am ranked last in the family, and he ranks first."

when Zhao Wei heard this, she immediately advised her, "Don't take children too seriously!"

nowadays, many children are spoiled by thousands of people, and the whole family revolves around them all the time.

such airtight love can easily make children feel condescending.

over time, children will be used to "bad". Once out of the family, they are bound to suffer the consequences.

I have read the story of such a bear child.

A lady surnamed Liao parked her car in an underground garage, only to find that the body of the car was scratched on all sides.

after checking the monitoring, she found out that it was a child with a knife.

Ms. Liao drove her car for repair. the 4S store quoted 9600 yuan. She negotiated a compensation of 2000 yuan with the child's parents, but the other side refused to transfer the money.

when she called her child's parents, she was furiously resented by her parents, saying, "the child is young and not sensible."

when the reporter asked the father, "can you row someone else's car at the age of 6?"

the father went so far as to swear: "are you out of your mind?"

parents' attitude reflects the upbringing of their children.

if parents keep protecting their children, they will only make their children go further and further on the road of mischief.

finally, under the pressure of public opinion, the parents and their children publicly apologized, lost 10,000 yuan, and paid the price for their own random behavior.

as the saying goes, "towering trees cannot grow in greenhouses and thousands of troops cannot be trained in hutongs."

the essence of education is to educate people. Far-sighted parents will make far-reaching plans for their children.

indulging children blindly will eventually harm them.

only by timely discipline can children become successful.

parents'"cruel" education is an indispensable medicine in the process of children's growth. Although it tastes bitter, it can cure the disease.


trapped in companionship

most parents want to provide their children with the best living conditions, but they are often too busy to spend time with their children.

however, what children really want is not expensive toys, but time with their parents.

Coco, her best friend, is so busy with her work that she leaves her child in her hometown for her wife to take care of.

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one weekend, she went to see the child, only to find that the child in front of her was so strange, and the child could not get intimate with her.

when she watched the child interact with her mother-in-law, she was inexplicably lost.

missing the company of children has become a regret that cocoa can never make up for.

the company of parents will bring children a unique sense of sense of security and happiness.

even simply playing with children or telling them bedtime stories can make a difference visible to the naked eye.

in December last year, because his son was tired of school, Mr. Xu resigned to drive an RV to take his children on a trip, hoping to change their children's views on learning by getting along day and night.

he took his son for more than 50 days and walked a lot of places.

when I got home, the family really felt their son's progress.

Children regain their interest in learning and promise to listen to their elders in the future.

Mr. Xu's attentive companionship is internalized into the inner warmth of the child, giving him the motivation to move forward.

in the Strange Theory, there is a debate: "do you support the timing of parents' time with their children and publicizing it?"

Professor Liu Jing agrees with this practice, believing that it can urge parents to make companionship a must and avoid being taken up by other trifles.

the growth of children is irreversible, and parents' companionship has a "period of validity". Once it expires, it is too late to regret.

how can we give children high-quality companionship?

on the one hand, parents should try their best to concentrate on getting along with their children, put down their work and mobile phones, and devote themselves to it;

on the other hand, parents should cultivate a good temper, control their volume and expression, and not be mad at their children.

the process of parents accompanying their children is a process of self-cultivation.

the journey of parenting is long and long, so you can't get the truth until you search up and down.


finally growing

recently, the word "chicken baby" has been searched frequently to describe parents who are keen to give their children chicken blood.

these parents force their children to learn the Mathematical Olympiad and practice their talents all day long, trying their best to squeeze their children into famous schools.

but they forget that "if you want a child to be, you have to be such a person first."

the really good parents all know that "the chicken baby is not as good as the chicken himself".

some time ago, I was moved by a mother named Zhang Xiuting.

she is a female construction worker who works very hard as a tower crane commander at the construction site.

but every day after work, she will calm down and read for 2 hours to enrich herself.

she said: "now you will encounter complex professional situations at work and need to improve yourself, more importantly for 13-year-olds."Set an example. "

when she was a child, the family conditions were not good, so Zhang Xiuting missed the opportunity to study.

now, although she is over 30, she does not give up, but affects her children by example.

as soon as her practice was exposed, it won countless netizens' praise.

some people say: "parents are the first teachers of their children, and the power of role models is endless."

some people also say, "it's great to encourage children with action."

when every child is born, it is a blank piece of paper, and parents hold a paintbrush to determine what the child will look like in the future.

rather than being a perfect parent, it is more important to grow up with your children.

if you want to grow up with your child, first of all, you can't pour hope into your child.

some parents hope that their children will succeed and their daughters will become Phoenix because they are unhappy in their lives, hoping that their children can stand up for themselves.

however, this high expectation will overwhelm the child and push the child further and further away.

Let children be themselves, not the sustenance that parents want.

secondly, you can't forget your mission in life because of your children.

everyone can only live once, and the only thing we can change is ourselves.

only when parents settle down and take responsibility for their own lives, they will not be too anxious and spread stress to their children.

when you are preoccupied with the task at hand, your child will inadvertently imitate you.

finally, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, step by step.

every child has a different pace of life. As a parent, there is no need to mess up the rhythm in comparison.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

learn to laugh step by step before you have the last laugh.


psychologist Wei Elkat once said:

parents have three values, dare to discipline their children ruthlessly, and plant deep roots for their children;

and often accompany, fill their children's hearts with love, will help their children soar.

in the smoke-free battle of child-rearing, there is an inch of joy.

May all parents in the world get what they want and be good guides for their children.

May all children in the world thrive and move forward steadily in happiness.