A person's most advanced EQ is not aggrieved.

A person's most advanced EQ is not aggrieved.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

always feel that his mouth is very stupid, a lot of times have been bullied, can not think of any counterattack.

I am reading hard.

some people disdain: "I read this in middle school."


A few words of emotion in moments

A few words of emotion in moments

A few words of emotion in moments

even if you don't chirp when you eat,

some people will pick the argument: "they are all acquaintances, but they are so hypocritical?"

I thought that being able to answer the phone and being well-rounded was EQ, but later I found out that those people were not agreeable.

chat with friends, and it's hard for passers-by to talk to each other.

the highest level of EQ is not sharp-tongued, but not critical.


once said that others are verbal, knowing but not speaking is EQ

eloquent and lovable, mostly harmless and unreasonable.

if you want to stir up three points without reason, the more sharp you are, the more annoying you will be.

after watching a video of a traffic accident, the old man riding an electric car scolded the driver and said eloquently:

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"do you understand whether the motor vehicle should obey the traffic rules or not?"

"are you responsible for crashing someone?"

"isn't the human skin I broke worth more than your car?"

not only did the traffic police not help him, but his face was speechless, and the onlookers wanted to gag him even more.

in fact, it was the old man riding an electric car to run a red light. Everyone else's car passed by. He hit the side of the person, and the owner thought he had touched porcelain.

the more reasonable the old man is, the more excuses he makes, the less people sympathize with him and blurt out: "is it not normal for us to ride electric bikes to run red lights?" Being complained over and over on the Internet.

in order to gain interests, interests are not contended, face-saving is also lost.

the "eloquence" that is too flamboyant is to reduce their own points.

people with high EQ, even if they know in their hearts, even if they are right, they also leave room for others.

writer Ganbei had a classmate in high school and his father was a bank security guard.

she lied to people every day, saying that she was a counter clerk. Everyone knew that, and no one broke her.

until several people went to eat Spicy Hot Pot and met her father wearing a security suit on the way, she stood there with an embarrassed look on her face.

fortunately, a girl suddenly said, "I want to go to the supermarket. Would you like to join us?" Then Gu Zi took her away and resolved an embarrassment.

years later, the girl has been able to talk openly about her father's career, but she still remembers the gratitude that everyone did not reveal.

Sanmao once said:

the words are too much, and my stomach is full of qi.

if you see through it, others will be comfortable and so will you.

No matter who is reasonable, the lack of a few words will save the feelings and leave the decency.


knowing that transposition is kind, and keeping people busy

emotional blogger Hua Jiangyi once said:

it is a pity that there are not as many people who know how to transposition as others.

in the recent hit "Beizu Nanyuan", Dai Xiaoyu is good-looking and highly educated, but he is worried about emotional intelligence.

when she stayed at her grandmother's house, she did nothing but sleep and asked the old man to help clean up the bowls and chopsticks, with a cold attitude and a bad complexion.

in the face of grandma's chill, she only knows that she is lovelorn and sad and should be understood.

while Feng Xi, the hotel's partner, broke up with his boyfriend of 10 years and accidentally frozen the fish handed over to the store by Xiaoyu's boss, Dai Xiaoyu scolded him in the face.

Feng Xi usually worries about the big and small affairs in the store.

this time Feng Xi felt bad. She not only showed no mercy, but also scolded her subordinates, the more she scolded, the more stinging she became.

from your own point of view, to let everyone understand that concession is not thoughtful in nature, but selfish.

I have tied myself up, and no one can break the siege. The words

transposition are all self-imposed.

Youshanshan, who runs a restaurant with her, was scolded by light rain because Feng Xi was pulled by her, but she was not annoyed and said to Feng Xi, "what she said was a bit heavy, but we have to understand her. If the situation hadn't turned over, she would have lost her job."

seeing that Feng Xi was uncomfortable, she comforted, "We can't punish ourselves with other people's mistakes, can we?" I know you're sad, and I know you don't want to give up, but I'm gone. "

"each of us has our own hurdles that we can't get through, but you have to carry it on your own if no one else can help you."

A few words are heart-to-heart, not hostile to Xiaoyu, but also to Feng Xi's heart.

people with EQ have given up grievances a long time ago.

when they give kindness to others, they also get rid of the predicament and gain warmth.

there are black and white in chess, one angle for the black side, one angle for the white side, and another for the spectators. It is the same with words and things. If you think more of others, you will regret less.

the greatest kindness is to utter words without hurting others.


having won an outsider is an enemy, but winning a family is boring

No one wants to have a low EQ. The reason why they have done something they regret is that they all want to be higher than others.

in fact, it is meaningless to win for both outsiders and family.

there is a question on the Internet: "if the leader asks for PPT in advance, how should I reply?"

there are thousands of ways to choke:

"Why are you ahead of time? won't you live till next Wednesday?"

"can you give me the bonus for the end of the year in advance today?"

"Yes, the earlier the work is, the rougher it is. How long do you want it in advance?""

or send a blank document:" this is what that file looks like now. "

it's undeniable that it's really cool to fight back, but as long as you want to do it, no one will be stunned.

there is a highly praised answer that can be answered like this: "Sorry, Boss Zhang, I am in accordance with the schedule for next Wednesday, and it is not yet mature. I will send you a preview as soon as I am done."

tell me the latest progress, try to move forward, and the matter will be over.

it's normal to conflict with others. Don't add drama to yourself unless you have to. If you win a quarrel, you will make enemies.

A person who is sober enough will not fight anyone.

philosopher Feng Youlan stuttered a little bit. In the car, he met Gu Jiegang, who was also unable to speak clearly. he ignored his words and wrote a note to explain, avoiding disputes.

he refused to shave. His friend joked and asked the barber to shave him, but he just smiled quietly.

he raised the case with his wife and basically never blushed. He, who was not good at housework, also took the initiative to take his daughter to the market during his wife's illness.

when the family is in trouble, his wife needs to sell twist to subsidize the family, and she doesn't blame him.

when two disgruntled people come together, they are superior and shiny, or they are in financial straits. the whole family has experienced it, but they are in harmony.

for decades, Feng Youlan and his wife and daughter have no grudges against each other, only love.

it is not worth falling out with outsiders, but even more at a loss with relatives and friends.

it is negligible in the face of real benefits.

it is too cheap in the face of true friendship.

it turns out that winning a quarrel is the most boring thing.

it is better to be gentle with those who are close to you, be polite to those who are distant, don't say angry words, and be warm-hearted.


the sentence in "Big Fish and Begonia" makes sense: "as long as your heart is kind, right or wrong is someone else's business."

Don't worry too much about what others say, and don't worry too much about who has the upper hand.

with a kind mind, a sunny state of mind, and a transposition understanding, others will naturally be comfortable.

there is no need for camouflage, and of course you are at home.

click [watching], have a high EQ, and don't argue with others.

if someone comes to bully you, reply with a smile: "you're right."