A person's greatest ability: to be stable in the event of an accident.

A person's greatest ability: to be stable in the event of an accident.

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A person's first reaction to an accident can be seen how determined he is.

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sometimes, what determines a person's success or failure is not necessarily his ability, but his determination.

if a person is in a mess whenever something happens, can he bring it into full play even if he has superb ability?

on the other hand, if a person can "Mount Tai collapse in front of him without changing his face", then he can use a clear head to figure out a way to solve the current predicament at the most critical moment. When


emotion comes, it can suppress

joys and sorrows, which is the most normal emotion for a person.

however, if a person is always swayed by his own emotions, then he is not free and will become a slave to his emotions.

people who are really powerful must control their emotions in their own hands.

when they are "angry", they can contain their anger and be good at defusing their anger.

it is precisely because they can control their "anger" that they do not cause a disaster.

some people simply regard daring to be angry as a kind of "bravery" and "swallowing anger" as a kind of cowardice.

this understanding is one-sided.

if you get angry easily without considering the disparity in strength between the two sides, it's easy to get hurt.

in this way, it is not "brave", but "emotional".

if you do not "weigh the pros and cons" and just try to vent your emotions, it is unwise behavior.

to be truly brave is not to know how to advance but not to retreat, but not to flinch when it is time to advance, and not to be afraid of ridicule and dare to give way when it is time to retreat.

in this way, it is truly brave.


after setting the goal, do not be impatient

as the ancients said, "haste makes waste."

everything in this world has its own laws, and all we can do is to discover laws, make use of them, and obey them.

the person who is really good is the one who acts according to the rules, but ordinary people will think that he is "divine".

in fact, he just put aside his delusions, put aside his obsession, seek truth from facts and follow the rules.

ordinary people can't let go of delusions and always go against the law in order to be fast. As a result, the faster they are, the more difficult it is to reach their goals.

just like "pulling out seedlings to encourage", the faster you seek, the more you will go against your original intention.

as the saying goes, "work comes naturally."

A person, once he has chosen a road, should let his heart settle down, and then work silently, not impatient, not greedy.

when the time is up, your efforts will naturally be rewarded.

if you always worry about how your efforts have not been rewarded, or even try to take "shortcuts", then you are likely to be in the same place forever and it will be difficult to reach your goal.

sometimes, down-to-earth, steady, more powerful than cleverness, will make a person walk faster.


the time is not right, do not act rashly

a person's success or failure, their own efforts are on the one hand, the weather is also on the other hand.

if the time is not right, no matter how hard you try, it will be useless, but a waste of energy, a blow to confidence, and even a chance to hurt yourself.

what should we do with ourselves when the time is not right?

what we have to do is not to use the hidden dragon, quietly precipitate ourselves, silently accumulate our strength, and wait for the weather.

once the time comes, we should be able to quickly find the opportunity, seize the opportunity, do not hesitate, do not hesitate, rise in the wind and break thousands of miles of waves.

therefore, if one wants to succeed, one's ability is on the one hand, and one needs to have "knowledge".

this "knowledge" means "knowing the time" and "keeping abreast of the times". Only with "knowledge" can we give full play to our abilities and energies.

"being stable in case of trouble" is a person's greatest ability.

emotions come, do not be swayed by emotions; choose goals, do not rush or slow down, do not violate the law because of impatience; do not act rashly, wait for the time, and accumulate strength silently.

in this way, we will certainly usher in the day of "raising the cloud sail high and marching forward bravely in the sea".