A mother's three values are the blessing of a child's life.

A mother's three values are the blessing of a child's life.

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recently, many people have been favored by the "omnipotent wife" Gu Jia Quan in the hit TV drama "Thirty." She can go to the hall and tear up the green tea, beautiful and rustling.

however, what impresses me most is her super-positive values in educating her children.

the famous German educator Froebel said:

Mother's education is "root" and "source", which irreplaceably infiltrates the whole family and children.

throughout history, behind countless celebrities stood a wise and sensible mother.

how positive the mother's values determine how far the child can fly.


what is the conduct of the mother and what is the morality of the child

in an activity organized by the kindergarten, Nannan, a classmate of Gu Jia's son Ziyan, suddenly had epilepsy and twitched on the ground, which frightened the parents and children present.

afterwards, although Nannan's father tried to explain, Muzi, chairman of the family committee, urged everyone to vote in the class group, trying to pressure Nannan to drop out of school.

when other parents support Muzi's mother, Gu Jia firmly stated his position:

this discriminatory concept is more negative than any negative influence if it is implanted into the child's heart in childhood.

and she also said that if Nannan was forced to drop out, she would also drop out with Ziyan.

the words are neither humble nor arrogant and confident. Compared with the cold and selfish attitude of other parents, Gu Jia's generous and kind character is really admirable!

you know, Ziyan's aristocratic kindergarten degree was acquired by her painstaking efforts.

however, in order to establish the correct values for her children from an early age, she would rather sacrifice all her previous efforts.

looking at Ziyan again, under the guidance of Gu Jia, from being afraid and uneasy before, to actively cooperating with her to simulate the scene of Nannan's illness, she lovingly promised her mother that "I will help Nannan in the future."

I can't imagine what Ziyan will look like in the future if Gu Jia, like other parents, excludes and dislikes the sick Nannan.

as the saying goes, when the mother is kind, the child distinguishes right from wrong; if the mother behaves badly, the child makes no distinction between right and wrong.

Lin Xiaoniang in the TV series "do you know or not" is the concubine room of Shengfu and has a son and a daughter. With a vicious heart, she did not teach the children to be good, but instilled a lot of harmful techniques.

she, who has done a lot of evil, has done all her tricks in vain and ended up very miserable.

she once misled her children:

Lin Xiaoniang's son, Sheng Changfeng, is a dandy who only knows how to hang out with bad friends all day;

her daughter Mo Lan, just like her mother, is inconsistent and intriguing, and is abandoned by her husband after marriage.

in the face of his miserable situation, Mulan said to himself:

Sukhomlinski, a famous educator, once said:

people's moral character depends on what kind of mother they have, which comes from the baptism of their mother's values.

as Han Ying said in Han Shi Weizhuan, "A virtuous mother makes her son sage."

only a mother with good conduct can raise a kind-hearted child.


Mother's values are correct, and her child is full of blessings

"A Peking University of the four Qing dynasties, and all the five sons are talented and handsome." This is how people describe a poor peasant household in Shaanxi.

this family, all five children are admitted to college, and what is more commendable is that two of them are daughters, both of whom are studying in Tsinghua University.

relatives all advised the mother Hu Zhiai not to waste money, but her daughter's studies were useless, but she retorted:

"I didn't go to school because I was a girl. In my heart, boys and girls are the same.

We can't keep a doll out of school no matter how hard and tired we are. I'll supply them wherever they go. "

Hu Zhiai's concept deeply affected the children. They all stood up for themselves and lived up to her painstaking efforts over the years.

when the girls around her gave up their studies and began to work, her two daughters saw a completely different world because they were studying.

what saved the two girls was not the opportunity, but the foresight of their mother.

the mother with correct values is the ferryman of her child's fate.

the mother of Tao Kan, a famous general of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, disciplined Tao Kan strictly from an early age, took the textile industry as her career, and firmly supported her son's official career.

Tao Kan used to be a fisherman. When eating pickled fish from the government, he thought of his poor mother in the family, so he sent some people to his mother in clay pots.

unexpectedly, my mother returned all the fish, accompanied by a letter blaming me: "you are the official, leaving me with official things, not only can not benefit me, but to increase my worries!"

because of Tao Mu's example, although Tao Kan's family was poor, she was honest and honest, and she served as an official for a long time. He once served as the governor of eight prefectures and a general in the west, and later became the Duke of Changsha County. Even Tao Yuanming was recommended to be an official, and often drew on his fame.

Mother's values are upright. Even if she is materially poor, her child will be able to walk in this world with full spirit and magnificence.

in the most helpless and confused time, she will hold up your chin, straighten your spine, purify your soul, and rewrite your destiny.

having a mother with good values is the blessing of her child's life.


Mother's values are incorrect, and children's tragedies continue

in April this year, Sun Yang was suspended for eight years for sabotaging anti-doping sampling and fell off the altar.

the wayward he violently resisted the inspection, and even exposed the personal privacy of the testers on the Internet, causing them to be personally attacked and ruined his reputation at the same time.

Fans have pointed the finger at Sun Yang's mother: "Love, which has been destroyed by the three values, has eventually become a harm."

at the hearing, Sun Yang's mother ignored the court rules and answered the prosecutor's question irresponsibly. Even the adjudicators could not help feeling: "she played the most unbeneficial role to her son."

until the end of the verdict, she still did not reflect on herself, but abandoned the leader and interpreter.

can only do it in its own way, and the logic of the whole world must follow itself. The three values of too much ego have a great impact on Sun Yang.

the swimming prince, who was not bad by nature, gradually became domineering and disrespectful, and became a runaway horse out of control.

from driving without a license, turning against a mentor to repeatedly treating foreign players rudely, all kinds of absurd and childish behaviors have made countless netizens sigh.

in fact, every child is born with a blank sheet of paper, and he will become what you describe him to be.

there is a good saying:

the most terrible thing in the world is not that the mother lags behind, but that the mother's values are poisonous and ruin her child's life.


A mother's three values are the best amulet of a child's life

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some people say:

the best gift for a mother to her child is not hundreds of millions of family wealth or a luxury villa, but to sow a seed of values in the child's heart and protect the child's life.

as the saying goes, "cherish virtue to carry things and support your family."

Mother's three values are the best amulet in a person's life. Even if you are in a difficult situation in the future, you will remain decent and leisurely.

May we all have this amulet for the rest of our lives without fear of wind and rain.