A man's destiny is hidden in his habits.

A man's destiny is hidden in his habits.

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writer Lu Xie wrote in the book: "A person's habits hide his fate." At first we formed the habit, and then the habit made us. "

habits have changed a person's character and life over the years.

Bad habits will affect the body and mind if they are light, and get used to serious illness if they are serious.

good habits make people active and energetic, and create a top level of self-cultivation.


habit is a person's spiritual pillar

Liu Tong once said: "the strongest spiritual pillar of a person is not will or belief, but habit."

Haruki Murakami has been running for nearly 23 years since he was young.

run 60 kilometers a week, run six days a week, run ten kilometers a day, run a marathon at least once a year, gradually form a habit, and run has become the spiritual pillar of Haruki Murakami.

"I'm not a good runner, but a very ordinary level. I just want to surpass myself yesterday, even if only a little bit."

running makes Haruki Murakami lose nearly 10 jin and gain a quiet concentration from the bottom of his heart.

later, in addition to running, he also began to write, taking his time to write out his thoughts.

his first book, listening to the Wind, was unexpectedly popular with readers, and then began his career as a writer.

in your day-to-day life, even if you set aside an hour every day to do something for 365 days, you have already invested 365 hours.

Zhihu, some people ask, what habits have changed your life?

netizen Orange replied:

one year my face was suddenly covered with acne, so it was useless to see a doctor or take medicine everywhere. I have to change my habit and go to bed before 10:00 every day. I cook and eat all kinds of green vegetables. I hardly eat hot pot, milk tea or cold drinks. I walk 5 kilometers every day. The next year, the acne on my face actually disappeared. It was these habits that made my endocrine normal. "

when good habits are formed, your body will produce self-healing power and bring you positive returns.

Bacon said: "habit is a tenacious and great force, it can dominate life."

the drop of water wears away the stone, which lies in perseverance and no disorder of rhythm.

positive habits will take you where you want to go.


habit hides a man's fate

John Rockefeller wrote in 38 letters to his son: "habit is like a rope to us. We knit a rope every day, and in the end he will be too big to break."

the rope of habit either takes us to the peak of life or takes us to the bottom of the valley.

this mainly depends on your own habits, whether it is a good habit or a bad habit.

my brother-in-law has formed the habit of smoking since he was in his twenties.

when he was young, my uncle felt that this kind of behavior was very chic and unrestrained, with a kind of adult maturity, so he wanted to imitate it.

when he thought of middle age, he could hardly leave his cigarette and smoked several packs every day.

the effect is obvious, the teeth turn yellow and the voice is hoarse.

I was also grumpy. I quarreled with my wife all day and finally got divorced. I quit every job after a few months.

I remember my brother-in-law, his face is always black, and at first he thought he was born.

it was only later that he learned that there was something wrong with his health. He went to the hospital for an examination, and the result was advanced lung cancer.

my brother-in-law's daughter shouldered the heavy burden of the family and went around to raise money for medical treatment. Only those who have experienced the hardship and sadness can understand it.

everything was unexpected, and the neighbors talked one after another: how could my uncle's life slowly go downhill?

from then on, I understood what "habit" is.

habit is the inertia of behavior.

A small behavior affects people slowly, from temper and character to spirit and body.

it is invisible and untouchable, but it shapes one's destiny.

"if you can get rid of a point of habit, you will only get a point in time."

people often ask, how to change fate?

Destiny is uncertain, but the only thing we can be sure of is that life will be better if we can give up a bad habit.


good habits pull you out of predicament

the philosopher Aristotle said: "habits can make people second nature."

once you have formed a habit, it is difficult to give up because the body will form inertia.

my good friend Ah Mao had a miscarriage last year, so her husband asked her to quit her job and rest at home.

A-Mao stayed at home for nearly half a year, dared not go out, hardly socialized, and became more and more depressed.

later, she accidentally began to write articles on the Internet, insisting on one article every day, placing her emotions in the article.

at first, A Mao racked her brains and wanted to give up, but when she saw someone commenting at the bottom of the article, she rekindled hope.

over the past three months, she has written nearly 90 articles of 1500 words each, that is, 130000 words, and her official account has gained nearly 5, 000 followers.

A Mao gradually emerged from depression and became more proficient in writing articles.

"the habit of writing pulled me out of the abyss. At first, I always wanted to make money by writing, but later I realized that it was writing that gave me the courage to move on. What else can I ask for? " Stephen, author of

Micro-habits, put forward the concept of "micro-habits":Micro-habits are small, burden-free habits. It is based on micro-steps, an incredibly small step.

for example, do a push-up every day, write 100 words a day, and study for 5 minutes a day.

Frost was not built in a day.

Don't set yourself unattainable goals. If you want to change, start at the moment.

Franklin once wrote: "I have never seen an early, diligent, prudent, honest man complain about fate; good character, good habits, and strong will will not be defeated by the so-called fate."

live up to everyone who is serious.

when you are confused, you might as well start by forming a micro habit.

it's no use being sad, complaining, or sad. It's just a waste of time.