A home, who is the most tired? (incisive)

A home, who is the most tired? (incisive)

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who is the most tired in a home?

each has its own opinions and grievances. Men are tired, women are also tired, what is valuable is not how much we pay, but that we can see each other's tiredness.

A home is different from a person.

Home is like a pair of chopsticks. If you want to live a good life, both men and women can't live without one.

Home is like the legs that support people to walk. No one can move forward without anyone.

opinions vary as to who is the most tired in a family.


Man, very tired!

earn money to support the family, work hard, physically and mentally exhausted, it is difficult to tell. When a man is tired, he won't tell anyone, because he wants to stand upright and can't have the slightest hypocrisy.

some men go out to work, do not see their children's wives, miss their families and relatives all day, but can only go home once a month or more.

money calls his wife, but people are drifting in other places, not to mention how bitter they are.

Men are tired and can't talk to anyone. They drink to each other, get drunk, and then want to be Superman the next day.

Men are not born silent, but know that their burdens cannot be shirked and have to grit their teeth.

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A man is tired and likes to go out for a drink to relieve his pressure. women should be considerate and advise him to drink less, but he can't limit his freedom.

A man is tired, tired willingly, he doesn't want much, and women's thoughtfulness and tolerance is enough.


woman, very tired!

go out to make money, do housework at home, take care of children and the elderly, and family work is not delayed.

before marriage, women are all treasures in the palms of their parents, holding and protecting them and taking good care of them.

I can wait until I get married to realize that life has a lot to carry, and each of them is an unshirkable responsibility.

Women sometimes have to do with backache and exhaustion. How she hopes that men can share some and be able to accompany her side!

Women are tired, not the body, but the mind.

Women are emotional animals and want men's care and care more. Once men don't have a good attitude, women's hearts become more bitter.

A woman is tired, but she never gives up. A woman's heart is like a Reed, soft but tough.

Women don't want much, but men are more distressed and caring.

if you take one more step for her, she is willing to take the remaining 99 steps.


Men and women, no one is not tired. It is difficult for everyone to run a family together.

when we get along, we should know how to see each other's tiredness, and don't patronize our own tiredness.

blindly complaining, blindly nagging, will only wear away the relationship slowly, let the other party slowly get bored.

Men and women cannot live together without disputes or troubles. When something happens, you should discuss it more, and when you have something on your mind, you should talk more about it.

sometimes men and women are tired, not because of the body, but more because of inner helplessness. Not to be understood, not to be cared about, not to be contained, not to be cherished.

if men and women pay a little more for each other, they can see each other's difficulties and comfort each other's tired hearts, even if they are tired.