A graceful figure, and 182534 names related to her.

A graceful figure, and 182534 names related to her.

If you are interested in architecture, you can ask me for a ticket backstage. Naming is a right. -French sociologist Bourdieu.-"Hong Kong has been an interesting building in the past 20 years.

if you are interested in architecture

you can ask me for tickets backstage

naming is a right.

-French sociologist Bourdieu-

"there hasn't been a single interesting building in Hong Kong in the past 20 years." Han Lizhu, a 17-year-old middle school student in Hong Kong, once wrote the short story "Aqueduct Forest". "Aqueducts extend everywhere and become the only connection between individuals, reflecting the strangeness and coldness of the modern city image." every house is a post station where water pipes pass along the way. The aqueduct turned into dry intestines full of cracks. The cracks gradually widened, exposing the stones, gravel and rubbish buried inside. "

if you abandon sociology, architecture and planning,

people's address for landmarks is enough to constitute a sense of comedy.

it adds new elements to the immutable city, and

reflects the complex urban psychology.

at the start of the 2010 Asian Games, Guangzhou Tower, Guangzhou's new landmark, makes its debut

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the most important role of the Guangzhou Tower is that

it is a new symbol of Guangzhou.

since civil society spontaneously gave the name "Xiaomanyao", urban governors have chosen a fairer way: openly solicit names from home and abroad.

A total of 182534 names have been collected by the end of the competition.

Haixin Tower

South Tianzhu

Guangzhou Pagoda

Baiyue Yunzhu

Bihai Xinsha

(the top five in the final voting)

on September 28, 2010, the name of Guangzhou New TV Tower was announced and officially named "Guangzhou Pagoda".

the first "Haixinsha" did not have the chance to take on the important task, while the "Guangzhou Tower", which ranked third, concise and straightforward (from the original comments of the judges), succeeded in "ascending".

among the votes of more than 1000 people,

more than 60% (62.4%) said they were not creative, and

only less than 30% (28.9%) approved.

(data from Dayang.com on September 28, 2010.28)

the Asian Games are about to begin.

the Guangzhou Tower is about to be opened to the public.

but the winning plan has attracted a lot of opposition.

how to solve it?

"We are no longer going to invent names, we just have to demonstrate that the name that the Guangzhou municipal government does not like is the name it cannot refuse, and persuade the municipal government to accept it."

-- Feng Yuan

Feng Yuan (Professor of Sun Yat-sen University, Director of Visual Culture Research Center of Sun Yat-sen University. At the same time, he is also the director of the Department of Art Design and Creative Industry of the Southern College of Sun Yat-sen University, the director of the academic Committee of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, and the master supervisor of the Experimental Art Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. )

how will the event be resolved satisfactorily? What enlightenment does

bring to us?

what is the dilemma of the public domain?

how can individual cultural attitudes grow in the future of

cultural diversity?

in fact, this interesting "storm" vividly illustrates the diversification of the public domain of contemporary cities. This lecture takes this event and solutions as an example to draw the coordinate model of contemporary culture. to show the correlation between personal and cultural identity. Whether you are a leftist or a rightist, whether you like a name or not will show the relationship between self-attitude and cultural position. Let's all find our seats.