A good life is always busy.

A good life is always busy.

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I have read such a passage:

some people have to find time to study, exercise, and improve themselves, while others have nothing to do and let their years go by.

I thought that a life of leisure and pleasure would be interesting, but when idleness becomes a habit, unrestrained indulgence and cyclic emptiness become the norm of life, only to find that busyness is the true meaning of life.

as Yamamoto Yamamoto said


idle, a person is useless

some people say that the best way to get rid of a person is to let him be idle.

do you still remember the idle rich second generation Fugui in "alive"?

he relies on his family wealth, eats, drinks, whines and gambles all day long, and is carried by fat prostitutes to brothels and casinos.

even after getting married and having children, there is no half-point convergence.

finally, the family property was defeated by him, the father died of anger, the mother became ill, and his wife and children both left.

there is a saying in the Family motto of Yan:

if you are used to being idle, you will become lazy, and if you are used to being lazy, you will get sick.

when you get sick, people become useless.

leisure is not a gift of fate, but a poison coated with sugar.

all your wasted time, the virus of negativity and laziness is eating away at your body and soul inch by inch.

once you corrode thoroughly from the outside and inside, you will be terminally ill and there is no cure.

Shen Congwen said:

she thinks that marriage will ensure her peace of mind for the rest of her life. She either goes shopping with her little sister for afternoon tea or plays games at home.

unfortunately, things didn't work out the way she wanted them to.

after seven years of itching, her husband was tired of her old age and filed for divorce after having an affair.

in court, because of lack of financial means, the child was awarded to the man, and she left the house clean.

at that time, half of her life was filled with remorse-for seven years, she not only made no progress, but even her memories were blank, knowing that she was consumed by meaningless trivia.

Nietzsche said:

being busy may be hard, but you can feel your own growth and the weight of life in your heart.

idleness may be easy, but when laziness slowly engulfs the heart, there will be nothing but emptiness and nothingness.

there are always people who sigh that the world is not worth it, but in fact, you can travel anytime and anywhere and live the life you want.

the so-called human world is not worth it, maybe it is just that you, who are greedy for leisure, are not worth it.

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busy is the cure for everything

as the saying goes:

during the epidemic, when everyone had emotional problems at home, high achiever's best friend, who lives in Wuhan, was very busy:

Monday to Friday, get up at 5: 00, meditate for 2 hours, listen to books, read early in English, have breakfast at 7: 00, sign in 9 online courses at 8: 00, and go to bed at 22:00. On weekends, I get up at 6 o'clock, meditate for 1 hour, listen to books, have breakfast at 7 o'clock, learn to cook at 8 o'clock, and go to bed at 22:00.

during the

period, I watch movies and documentaries to adjust myself.

she is clearly at the center of the epidemic, but she always enjoys herself, as if shielding all external interference.

it is written in

it is written in

"Sheepskin Scroll".

as soon as you are idle, you will infinitely magnify the trivia around you, and you will be so upset that you can't sleep and eat.

only being busy can focus all your attention on the work at hand and make you feel at peace in fulfillment.

is finished, he notes:

probably, everyone's heart is eager to give meaning to life.

if you spend a day idle without any gains or progress, there will be a voice of criticism and dissatisfaction in your heart, making you ashamed of wasting your time.

only by being busy and growing can you calm down your inner voice, make you satisfied with who you are today, and make you feel the meaning of life.

"one's life should be spent like this-when you look back on the past, you should not regret wasting your time, nor should you be ashamed of mediocrity."

busy, although it will be very hard, but only by doing our best to spend this limited edition of life, can we enjoy it when we are white-headed.


busy, busy

there is a passage on Zhihu:

admittedly, not all busyness is valuable.

some people stay up late to work overtime to finish the work that should have been finished long ago; some people get up early to study and recite the knowledge they know by heart;

some people try their best to make money, but they just repeat the same content over and over again without any real progress.

these are all fake busyness, busy for the sake of busyness, false diligence of self-moving type, and worthless giving.

Jack Ma said:

what is a breakthrough?

for example, it takes half a day to complete a day's task;

for example, to gain life insights from a good movie; for example, to learn a new skill.

the really valuable busyness is to take the least time to successfully complete the task, to break through your original cognitive reserve, and to reap the benefits of growth.

so how do you make busyness more valuable?

share with you three methods:

1, choose to grow

Life isA journey of constant choice. Every choice you make, big or small, determines who you will be.

is also looking for a job. You can choose to accept the help of relatives and friends, keep a stable job, start to retire, or you can choose to work alone and work hard.

you can also choose to spend a lot of money to hire someone to translate every time, or you can choose to practice hard and master this foreign language permanently.

see the difference?

if you want to make busyness more valuable, take the initiative to choose those busy processes that are more conducive to your growth.

indeed, the choices that really make you better will not be very comfortable. But please believe that the more difficult things are, the richer the final results will be.

2, time management

get up at five o'clock in the morning and go to bed before ten o'clock in the evening;

A few hours in the morning, concentrate on important tasks;

then, take care of tasks that do not require a high degree of concentration, such as exercise and chores;

at dusk, stop working, or read books, or listen to music, relax, and go to bed as early as possible.

make your time plan and implement it calmly and realistically. Believe in yourself and you will achieve your goal easily and unnoticed.

3. Stay away from interference

Zhang Juzheng has a saying:

in short, only by paying attention can we get things done.

staying away from distractions is the best way to stay focused.

when you are busy, try to isolate yourself from the outside world as much as possible: leave yourself alone and tell others not to disturb yourself;

eliminate all noise, turn off the sound source or wear anti-noise earplugs; mute your cell phone. and put it out of sight.

believe me, when you focus on one thing, the whole universe will help you achieve your goal.

there is a saying in "self-sacrifice article":

try my best to work hard and busy, although the body will feel tired, but the heart is always leisurely and peaceful.

this is probably the best state of being busy and idle.

learn to steal leisure from busyness and have fun in bitterness.

when you live in a balance between busy and leisure, you can admire yourself, enjoy the fun of life, and achieve the meaning of life.