7 things you must persist in doing no matter what age you reach.

7 things you must persist in doing no matter what age you reach.

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on the way to struggle, don't give up

people's life, decades of years, it will be gone.

at what stage and what to do, plan your life.

never covet comfort when you are young, but only regret when you are old.

Life doesn't sit back and enjoy its success, no matter what you do, if you can't see the dawn for a while, don't be anxious, be patient, don't give up, maybe you are only one step away from success.


get along with others, do not follow others

people, no matter who you get along with, you should have your own opinions.

Don't lose your principles just because you love someone.

Don't go against your heart just because you care.

Don't feel right about what others say. You should have your own thoughts and do things selectively. Insist on what is right and abandon what is wrong.

have your own mind, set your own goals, and don't be easily influenced by others in order to truly live your life.


when talking about feelings, don't break up your family

love again, don't break up your family, destroy your family, you will always be held a grudge.

people have formed a family, with parents at the top and children at the bottom, not only the relationship between men and women, but also the separation of families, there will be a lot of hidden dangers.

half-way couples are the most difficult, and bad families will be criticized.

and how responsible are people who can easily abandon their families? Don't be carried away by the emotion of the moment and do something you regret.


there are people to rely on, don't give up independence

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in this life, who belongs to whom? Who can always accompany who?

the weather is cloudy and sunny, and the moon is round and waning. Who can be sure that the world will remain the same?

it is a happy thing for someone to rely on, but we should not give up self-independence just because we rely too much on it. Because no one can guarantee that who can be the patron of whom for a lifetime!

relying on yourself is the king forever. You can rely on others, but you can't lose your independence. Remember, only you can give the sense of security you want!


when you are alone, don't think about it.

people, we are all alone, no one can be with each other all the time, no one will always help each other.

people spend most of their lives alone.

when you are alone, don't be paranoid and don't let your emotions be easily influenced by others.

learn self-discipline, control your heart, control your words and deeds, how self-discipline you are, how brilliant your future will be!


on the way forward, don't give up kindness

A lifetime is long. It is kind to have a clear conscience.

No matter what we do or who we meet, we can't give up our kindness.

maybe sometimes we will be deceived by others because we are kind, but we can't lose our sincerity just because we are fooled once.

for a moment, kindness is a character, and a lifetime of kindness is a blessing!

to be a kind person, when you light a lamp for others, you are actually warming yourself!


learn to be kind to yourself for the rest of your life

be kind to yourself! Those who are not worth it, don't bother; those who break your heart, don't take it seriously!

when do people often get the most hurt? Not defeated by thorns, but because of emotional sadness! It's nothing to be tired on the body, but it really hurts to feel pain in the heart.

No matter what others do to you, you must learn to manage yourself for the rest of your life.

be kind to yourself, treat every day of your life as if it were your last, and live happily, so it's worth the trip!