7 small habits that make people live younger and younger, and benefit from it all their lives.

7 small habits that make people live younger and younger, and benefit from it all their lives.

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not long ago, King Liu Dehua broadcast live on the Internet, and his popularity exceeded 100 million, and his popularity did not go back for several days.

while many netizens praised his beautiful singing, they were also attracted by his "young" appearance.

in the 40 years since his debut, his appearance has hardly changed, his figure is lean and lean, his muscles are tight, and he is not at all 60 years old.

many netizens have left messages: "the male god is getting younger and younger."

Samuel said:

"one cannot help getting old, but he can resist aging."

in our lives, we often see people who, no matter how the years change, live with a sense of timelessness and look young forever.

looking into the reason, you will find that those who live younger and younger benefit entirely from the formation of these seven good habits.


Let sleep recharge the brain

Shakespeare once said: "everything that is alive can't do without sleep."

many people often work during the day and stay up late at night. On the surface, there seems to be no problem, but in fact they have to pay a great price.

studies have shown that lack of sleep accelerates organ aging, especially the brain.

writer Matthew Walker once said in Why We Sleep:

"people over the age of 45 who sleep less than six hours a night are 200 percent more likely to have heart and brain infarction than those who sleep 7-8 hours."

in order to ensure good sleep quality and delay aging, we can make full preparations by using the time before going to bed.

one, stop eating 2 hours before going to bed, reduce energy intake and reduce excitement.

two, put down your phone an hour before going to bed and never bring your phone to bed, otherwise an interesting message may be pushed, which may change our sleep plan from 11:00 to 1 o'clock.

three, do some relaxing exercise 30 minutes before bed to relax the tired muscles and spirit, so as to better enter the sleep state. Such as foot soaking, stretching, meditation.


refrain from eating, abstain from sugar and less salt

nowadays, in the era of rich material, it is easy for us to indulge our appetite and overeat.

although an unhealthy diet satisfies our appetite, it causes our bodies to be punished.

experts have analyzed about 200 international studies. The results show that

long-term unhealthy diet will not only increase the risk of diabetes, but also cause dementia and brain atrophy. Once caused, such damage is irreversible.

if you want to maintain a young and healthy body, you must restrain your appetite, less sugar, less oil and less salt.

everyone is familiar with the harm of high sugar and high fat to the body, but it is easy to overlook that a diet high in sodium (eating too much salt) is also harmful to health.

the Lancet, a famous international medical journal, released the latest statistical results:

globally, the table killer with the largest number of deaths each year is high-sodium diet, and 3 million people die from it every year.

therefore, restraining appetite and not indulging in diet is the key to good health. Abstaining from sugar and less oil and salt is better than all nutrients that refresh your youth.


keep clean and respect life

We often say that cleanliness is not only a habit of life, but also an attitude towards life.

as the famous management scientist Peter Drucker once said:

A good instrument will win you an unexpected force, which will propel you to the road to success. "

A person who doesn't even pay attention to his neat appearance, no matter how young he is, will look sloppy and old-fashioned.

and a clean and tidy person, does not need brand-name extravagant decoration, will also convey a sense of freshness.

the president of Nankai University has made it clear that

noodles must be clean, hair must be cut, clothes must be cleaned, and new knots must be tied up. The head is straight, the shoulder is flat, the chest is wide and the back is straight.

sometimes we have to believe that your appearance is your age.

trim your nails regularly, take a bath frequently, change your clothes frequently, and brush your teeth once in the morning and evening.

those who take care of their lives must not have the heart to destroy them and gently let them grow old.


Young people need good teeth

as the saying goes, if you have a good tooth, your appetite will be good, and your health will be better.

but in life, many people don't pay attention to the health of their teeth.

the World Health Organization lists oral health as one of the top ten standards of human health, and puts forward the concept of "8020".

means that when you are 80 years old, you are young when you still have 20 teeth to use.

but as a matter of fact, when many people are in their early 30s, their teeth begin to deteriorate, such as messy teeth, bad teeth and yellow teeth.

what is even more exaggerated is that if you eat something hard, your teeth will become loose or broken.

this not only affects the image, but also harms the health.

if you want to keep your teeth healthy, you must develop these three important habits:

brush your teeth twice every morning and evening for two minutes each time.

2. Floss.

3. Wash your teeth regularly.


Love can take a long time.

Life is long, and daily trivialities are tedious.

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and hobby, like a candy, can make life taste good.

I have seen a piece of news.

76-year-old uncle Ji Kaifeng loves skating. People who know him once described him as

"he has been skating for 21 years after the nearby skating rink has been open for 21 years."

inIn his middle age, Ji Kaifeng managed to raise his 15-year-old son to die of illness, and soon his wife left him.

faced with such a huge blow, he said:

"I feel particularly uncomfortable. I think life is boring, but I have to think about it. I skate more every day. I used to skate for an hour, but now I skate for two hours." once I skate, I forget the unhappy things. "

he uses the rotation on the ice to digest the pain given to him by life, to counteract the long years, and to keep himself young forever.