30 small details of spoiling your wife, did your husband pass? (forwarding comparison is recommended)

30 small details of spoiling your wife, did your husband pass? (forwarding comparison is recommended)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

what is the performance of a man who really loves you?

I have seen such an answer: the only love I can give you is that even though you have read all the things in the world, you still feel that you need to be cared for like a child.

indeed, the person who really loves you will spoil you into a little girl and make you feel loved and warm in detail.

he is sure to infiltrate love into all aspects of his life. You don't have to guess, you can really feel it.

Today, my uncle sorted out 30 small details about how men dote on you. Look at yours. How many did he win?


I want to give you the best.

shoulder to you, arms to you, keys to you, the only sense of certainty to you.


love your strengths, but also tolerate your weaknesses.

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people who love you will not only appreciate your strengths, but will also tolerate you after understanding your shortcomings and will not turn around and leave because of this.


care about your mood.

your emotions will affect his heart. The irony you say when you lose your temper, pretend to be strong when you are aggrieved, and pretend to be happy when you are sad, he can easily see through and give you the most powerful support.


will leave the copilot seat to you.

he will identify you as the hostess of the passenger seat, put a "wife's seat" sticker in front of the seat, and prepare your favorite snacks in the front drawer.


if you respond to everything, you always report his itinerary.

his daily itinerary will tell you, and he won't suddenly disappear and worry you.

I will try my best to reply to your message in seconds, and if I am busy, I will tell you where to go in advance, or after seeing the message, I will tell you what I have just done.


take you to your friends and relatives and publish you to the people around you.

bringing you to relatives and friends shows that he agrees with you very much, because these people are the most important people in his life and give you a sense of security.


he takes everything you say to heart and will put it into action.

when you say you don't like spring onions, he remembers to cook without onions and to order takeout without onions;

when you say in summer that you want to have barbecue when it snows, he will take you to eat it when it snows in winter. Those who love you will always remember what you said.


reject all romantic relationships for you and keep your distance from the opposite sex.

he will spoil you alone, with the opposite sex around will take the initiative to extend the distance, some people express good feelings will also directly refuse.


will spoil you and smile, touching your head from time to time, saying that you are stupid but full of love in your eyes.

you can't hide loving someone, even if you cover your mouth, you will run out of your eyes.

the look of doting on you can't help but come out of words, actions and expressions.

make your life ceremonial and will prepare surprises for you during the holidays.

whether it's festivals, anniversaries or your birthdays, he will remember clearly and add antistaling to your relationship.

your business is always at the top of his schedule.


will put you in your future plans.

at some point in his daily life, he will talk to you about his plans for your future, such as when he wants to get married, have children, travel several times a year, how to allocate money, and so on.