22 super practical interpersonal tips (highly recommended)

22 super practical interpersonal tips (highly recommended)

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I believe we all have this experience: to be a human being, the most difficult thing is not to make a living, but to communicate.

indeed, nine times out of ten, the confusion and troubles on the road of life are caused by dealing with people.

share it with you.


when you talk to someone, be sure to wait for someone to finish.

this is not only a manifestation of high EQ, but also a kind of self-cultivation.


learn to use polite words such as "thank you", "I'm sorry", "you're welcome" and "it's okay".

people who often say "thank you" are more emotional and grateful.

and the word "it doesn't matter" is more tolerant and open-minded.


when others laugh at themselves, you should praise them instead of stepping on them.

learn to respond to others' self-mockery with a word of encouragement, which not only reconciles the atmosphere, but also warms the heart.


order generously at the dinner table, don't say "whatever".

do not pass the buck, do not refuse, generous people, more comfortable.


Don't keep your head down and play with your phone all the time at parties and dinners.


never exchange secrets for a friend.

try to exchange secrets for friendship, and you can only learn a lesson in the end.


always raise your hand, don't stand on tiptoe to help.

Chang Shengze will make people feel more sincere and warm-hearted.

mastery of moderation will make your efforts more valuable.


Don't let yourself be a negative energy source.


chat, try to talk to others, don't get high.


A concise refusal is better than an euphemism.


Don't make decisions for others casually.

you can give care and advice, but don't make decisions for others casually, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble to each other.


keep your distance from friends of friends.

otherwise, a person's possessiveness will be aroused, and the boat of friendship will turn over.


it is impolite to break the joy of others.

people who speak appropriately and know how to be considerate of others are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

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reply to other people's messages in a timely manner.


does not show off his ability, but does not hide his strength.

the foundation of a person's life is nothing more than two things: to be a low-key person and to do things in a high profile.


be on guard against exaggerated goodwill.

there is a saying that agrees: "there is no sudden good in this world, there are only purposeful purposes and needs."

it sounds a little dark, but it is a warning light in interpersonal communication.


remember that human nature has an AB aspect.

there is no absolute good or bad human nature.


it is slower to have heart-to-heart communication with people, and it is faster to break up with people.

in interpersonal relationships, distance is the most difficult to control, and timing is the most difficult to master.

when dealing with people, don't get too familiar with each other too quickly. To see each other clearly and then talk to each other is to protect yourself.


be aware of reciprocity.


properly "trouble" others.

compared to helping others, you will make them feel needed when you bother them.