10 enlightening truths of life

10 enlightening truths of life

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nothing in the world is given to you for nothing

if you want money, you have to take your heart, freedom and time to exchange it.

if you want to be free, even if you have the ability, you must be able to give up some materials to achieve it.

if you want others to give you regardless of conditions, who but your parents will?


contacts are important

in a young age when people are jealous of evil, they are scoffed at.

someone who is easy to do things is a concept that you gradually agree with when you become the backbone of your family. Do not say disdain, look down upon, sometimes, society is like this.

you can only speak if you have connections. In life, there is always a need to ask for help, this is inevitable.


it makes sense to be a good match.

falling in love is a matter between two people. The nature of marriage involves too much, and some of these contacts are messy.

two people can be modest and tolerant. If you can guarantee that your married life will not be affected by other external relationships, such as different family values, such as the drag of the original family, you can properly put an end to it, it can only be the love between the two of you.

most of the time in marriage, it's not just about two people.


Don't expect too much from others.

this other person is a parent, lover and child, as well as all kinds of friends and colleagues.

people are different, and the harsh conditions you ask for yourself cannot be placed on others as well.

what's more, most of the time, if you can't do it yourself, there's no reason to ask others to do it well.


it is thoughtless to resign easily

whose work is not hard? People with equal pay and work work hard, and there are many people who are not well paid, and those who work extremely tired work even harder.

Naked resignation, young people will leave as soon as they are upset. It is understandable that they are young and energetic. The larger the

, the heavier the burden on the shoulders. If it is not a real lack of growth, there is no stable salary, unless the last resort, do not easily quit naked.


Insurance is not all deceptive. You still have to buy

have financial strength. Show more insurance to family members, children's and the elderly.

some insurance, such as serious illness insurance, is very necessary to pay more attention to. Buying insurance at the right time can save lives.


lifelong friends

lifelong friends are rare

friends of every age. Those who accompany you from childhood to old age, to be honest, few people are so lucky.

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A lot of friends who once made good friends have lost their relationships in the end. It is not that you have no fate, but the circle is always changing, and it is also an inevitable experience.

someone will have it, but that's a very lucky probability.


speak less if you can't speak

Silence is golden and makes a lot of sense. Young people like to be outspoken, and they must say it if they think it is reasonable, and it does not matter to cause disputes.

prefer to talk less now. Do not express superfluous opinions and evaluate the lives of others less.

if you talk too much, you will lose, and evil will come out of the mouth.


knowledge and body are wealth

read more books and master more knowledge, you can always live more easily than others.

body is even more precious. It's broken. I can't get anything back.

when I was young, I didn't realize the importance of these two. Always think that other things are more worth pursuing. Actually this is not so.


time is fleeting, life is limited, do more things you like.

Don't follow your own life too much with the eyes and ideas of others. Everyone's life is limited, and there are many accidents during this period.

before the end of the limited years, you should still do more things that make you happy and interested.

each of these principles seems to be not heavy enough, but you won't find its importance until you get to a certain age.

some people understand earlier, and life will go more smoothly than you. It's not too late to understand now. May you think more.