"who will you marry a divorced woman at 27 and an unmarried woman at 35?" The man's answer angered the whole circle of friends.

"who will you marry a divorced woman at 27 and an unmarried woman at 35?" The man's answer angered the whole circle of friends.

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"you are a divorced woman, you look good!"

when I was chatting with me, I saw a text message just coming from the mobile phone screen.

she is the "divorced" woman in the message. She divorced because of emotional discord two years ago.

recently, her mother began to put the promotion of marriage on the agenda again, watching her old sisters have grandchildren.

the condition of growing up is good, studying abroad, working in the top 500, buying a house in a big city, still not blocking the mouth of Youyou.

as soon as she came back from National Day holiday, her aunt introduced her to a man from an institution.

she has a college degree, earns only 1/3 of her monthly salary and lives in a house owned by her parents.

after the blind date, she came to me for coffee: what does my aunt think? is divorce so miserable in the eyes of others?

is spitting, her cell phone vibrates, and the career man asks her to see her again.

she replied that it was not necessary and that they were not suitable.

career man was shocked and said unbelievably:

are you in your thirties? I was divorced once, so why is the demand so high?

after being furious, the above text message came again and again.

when did divorce become a woman's original sin?


in case you haven't noticed, society's prejudice against divorced women has never stopped:

"divorced women are secondhand and their prices have dropped!"

"A first-married man should not marry a second-married woman. He has a bad reputation!"

"A divorced woman is scheming, so be careful that she sets you up!"

I once saw a street interview: who would you like to marry a divorced woman at the age of 27 and an unmarried woman at the age of 35?

A man will also choose to marry a 35-year-old unmarried, the reason is:

bought a second-hand house and car, does his wife have to pick up a second-hand product?

even the famous host he Jiong once said in the program:

"few people will say that this man is very successful, but he has been divorced;"

"but will say that this woman is very successful, but she is divorced."

when Faye Wong divorced and reunited with Nicholas Tse, some straight men commented solemnly:

Women like Faye Wong are not wanted in our village.

just when we thought that society only maliciously attacked divorced women, the unmarried could not avoid the thunder.

some men directly assert that they must be ugly if they can't get married at the age of 35.

in the eyes of some people, it seems that marriage is a great achievement, and not getting married is about equal to:

No one wants it, and there is a problem.

they take it for granted that they label marriage as winning goods and brand unmarried as defective products.

being called a "leftover woman" because she is not married at the age of 30 is the biggest prejudice against women.

it is this kind of "prejudice" that modern love and marriage seek:

is just "make do", not "fit".

when I think of this, there is only endless sorrow.


some people say:

"as soon as you are over 25, the whole world begins to care about the rest of your life and your lower body."

whether you are happy or not is none of your own business.

is a family matter. It's a social thing. It's a collective thing.

parents gong face to face, drum on the back, and begin to remind you to find a partner.

then, the seven aunts and aunts also began to find the right opportunity to ask when you will get married.

rummaging through moments, XXX, a college classmate, is getting married next week, and a colleague's wife is going to have a baby this week.

they tell you, "although it's a tomb, it's better than exposing a corpse in the wilderness."

but in recent years, new terms for taunting single girls have been coined again.

A 34-year-old girl who studies abroad, graduated with a master's degree and has both talents and looks is called a "suburban house".

Guo Yingguang, a graduate of the London School of Art, posted a blind date advertisement on the famous blind date corner in Shanghai.

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explain your education, character and family background, but not your age.

onlookers learned that she was 34 years old and left behind with the words "commendable courage".