"how punctual you are, how reliable you are."

"how punctual you are, how reliable you are."

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Lu Xun has a famous saying, which is still regarded as a classic:

"Life is based on time, wasting other people's time is tantamount to murder;

time is a scarce resource for every adult. Punctuality is a quality, an ability, and a way of life.

time is silent, but it affects our lives and regulates our relationship with others and ourselves.

time is not the answer to life, but the answer to life is hidden in time.

We live the way we spend our time.

people who can keep time can adjust the rhythm of life and live a balanced life.


keep other people's time

in the TV series "meet Happiness", Zhen, played by Jiang Xin, is going to attend an interview at the TV station, only to find that there is a huge sandstorm that day.

the strong wind rolled up the sand and hurt in the face. Zhen Kai was blown askew and went to get breakfast with her purse against her head.

when the aunt at the breakfast shop knew that she was going to have an interview later, she asked anxiously:

Zhen said unmoved:

when Zhen arrived with a dusty face, she found that the interviewers in the front row of the interview hall stared at her in shock.

after confirming that she was not late, she asked the organizer for a glass of water to rinse her mouth. After a simple adjustment, she said to all the interviewers that she was ready to start the interview.

the interviewer asked some simple technical questions to determine Zhen's open business ability, and quickly said to her, "you are accepted."

it turned out that more than a dozen people were scheduled to come for an interview that day, but because of the weather, no one else came, only Zhen Kai came on time.

the leader thinks that such punctual people who can bear hardships will not be bad at work.

keeping other people's time is a kind of consideration for others, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

means that he /she can think from the other person's point of view.

coincidentally, a guest in a program tells his own story of punctuality, which is also admirable.

when Typhoon "mangosteen" made landfall in Hong Kong, he was holding an exhibition here, and the subway and bus of the whole city were completely paralyzed.

but he remembered that he had an agreement with his client, thousands of kilometers away in Dalian.

in order to keep his promise, he walked in the typhoon for five hours on foot while ensuring his own safety.

finally, he crossed the Hong Kong port and flew from Shenzhen to his destination.

after knowing the situation, the customer signed the contract decisively, and then because he trusted him to become a loyal partner.

punctuality is a minor habit, but it is this small habit that makes others more comfortable with us.

writer Bon Tracy said in eating the Frog:

because there is an invisible balance behind a comfortable relationship, and punctuality affects the balance of the balance.

on the one hand, there is a well-intentioned invitation from others, and on the other, you keep your promise in a timely manner.

"you give me a peach, I return it to Qiongyao". Punctuality is a rule that people abide by each other.

to keep other people's time is to balance the state between two people, thus keeping the relationship between them.


keep your time

there is a dialogue in the TV series "Golden years" that is very impressive:

employee: "do you always talk so fast?"

Manager: "I speak so fast for myself and to save time for my customers."

good people know how to guard their own time.

Video anchor @ endless learning, organized an offline training, invited a very powerful elder to be a sharing teacher, the conference room suddenly lost power during the training, and the property said it would take about two hours to call.

Learning leads the teacher to the reception room to have a rest.

when I went to bring water to the teacher in the middle of the study, I found her reading intently with her mobile phone.

more than two hours have passed, learning is endless to ask the teacher to continue the lecture. He said sheepishly:

the teacher calmly said:

it is an ability to pull yourself out of the chaos as soon as possible and stop the loss in time.

only by keeping your time and not being disturbed by the outside, can you concentrate on growing in the dark in your own pace of life.

Huai Nan Zi says: "the sage is not expensive, but the Yin is heavy."

Ouyang Xiu, a statesman of the Northern Song Dynasty, was such a master at making good use of time.

Ouyang Xiu is not only a first-class official, but also a first-class article. He has written more than 500 essays in his life, and a large number of excellent poems have been handed down to later generations.

as a politician, his official business is naturally very busy, how does he balance his work and life and engage in literary creation?

Ouyang Xiu has his own tips, and most of his articles are completed in the time of "three on".

respectively: immediately, on the pillow, on the toilet.

when riding on horseback, conceive articles; read and meditate before going to bed, even when you go to the toilet.

those who can keep their own time can keep their own life and live a balanced life.

focus on building hedges and planting chrysanthemums in your own time, and be careful to study by yourself. one day, the flowers will bloom all over the garden and the fragrance will float everywhere.

there is a good saying: "whoever is more stingy with time will be more generous to him."

keep your time, keep your internal and external balance.


you use your timeAppearance

is the way you live

someone on Weibo once asked, "what is the best state of life?"

the highly praised answer is: "invest in interest, but don't waste life."

Haruki Murakami is a practitioner of balanced life.

an exclusive weekly wrote on its cover: "he is not a writer, he is a family of life."

the schedule of Haruki Murakami is circulated on the Internet:

get up at 4: 00, write for 5-6 hours, write only 4000 words, many write, let alone write.

run 10 kilometers in the afternoon, or swim for 1.5 hours;

read and listen to music;

go to bed at 9 o'clock.

he has kept his time for more than 30 years and has never changed.

Writing is the whole work of Haruki Murakami, and work is only a part of his life.

exercise, reading and listening to music, and going to bed on time, he also persisted for more than 30 years.

this life list is more like a platter of healthy life, a template for balanced life.

Haruki Murakami has been sitting for a long time and has gained a lot of wonderful works. In addition to skills and inspiration, what is more important is that he has a healthy body.

keep running for a long time, arrange rich leisure and entertainment activities for himself, and keep his life alive forever.

Haruki Murakami has been able to maintain his creative ability for decades, which is closely related to his balanced life.

many people think that if you want to achieve a career, you must have precious time and make full use of it.

but life is not a sprint at a certain point to occupy a certain highland, but an all-round advance in the plane of life, relying on each other, strong and balanced development, and any act of striving for success will not last long.

Yu Hua once said: "the standard of testing a person is to see where he puts his time. Only time will not lie."

time is the soil of life, and you will reap what kind of life you sow.

the ideal state for adults to deal with time should be to live a balanced life in the rhythm of their own life.

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Adult punctuality is a kind of rhythm of life, and everyone's rhythm of life deserves to be respected.

it is self-cultivation not to disturb other people's rhythm;

it is a skill not to let others disturb one's own rhythm;

to maintain one's own rhythm and live a balanced life is the realm of life.

punctuality is the beginning of making a person better. May you be more punctual, more successful, live a wonderful life.