When there is one of the seven signals that will appear before the body collapses, you should be vigilant.

When there is one of the seven signals that will appear before the body collapses, you should be vigilant.

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bestselling author he Quanfeng once told a story in his book:

the head of the cardiology department of a well-known university had a heart attack and was seriously ill. After experiencing the desperate situation of dying, he began to think seriously about his life. During his three months in hospital, he sorted out his life experience and then summed up two rules of life.

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these two rules of life are not good prescriptions for health care and health care.

are two particularly simple ways to deal with the world: rule one, don't waste your energy on trifles, and rule two, everything is trivial.

I think so deeply. The more you dwell on trifles, the more you will affect your mood.

you may not know that mood swings such as anxiety, depression, anger, and depression can all be signs before the body collapses.

the World Health Organization points out that when people have negative emotions, more than 70% of people digest them by attacking their own body organs.

A new Danish study involving 9870 adults over an 11-year period since 2000 found that

compared with people without corresponding problems, the mortality rate of people who were emotionally disturbed by their relationships doubled;

those who were anxious about their parent-child relationships doubled; those who quarreled with their families doubled, and those who quarreled with their neighbors tripled.

stress makes people emotional, and the body sends out an "alarm signal".

before your body breaks down, it will give you these seven signals, so you must pay more attention to it in your life.



from a health point of view, idle anger, resentment, sulk, anger and anger not only make people feel worse, but also leave a "bad record" in the body.

when angry, the complexion is pale, the lips are purple, the hands and feet are cold, and for a long time, it will lead to low immune function and organ lesions.

especially in the elderly who are in poor health, their blood pressure rises instantly when they are angry, and they are prone to cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease and myocardial infarction.


1. "anger" is the slave's own heart, so give yourself a psychological hint and never be a slave to your emotions.

2, you'd better not be angry for more than 3 minutes.

3. Properly increasing the intake of fat and protein can calm the mood, and a spoonful of peanut butter a day is a good choice.

4, buckwheat, brown rice and other carbohydrates can also stimulate the secretion of serotonin, making people quiet.



"not thinking about tea and food" and "drinking to drown sorrow" are all manifestations of excessive sadness.

at this time, the human sympathetic nervous system secretes a large number of pressure hormones, which will make the arteries contract and easily lead to heart attacks.

traditional Chinese medicine also believes that when a person is sad, he is often short of breath or even burst into tears, which is easy to cause lung qi damage.


1, try to pretend to smile when you are sad, this "psychological fake" helps to release bad emotions;

2, think about some previous happiness, divert attention, and be sure to communicate with people when you are sad;

3, whole grains and foods rich in tryptophan can help you stay away from sadness, such as fish, meat, black beans, pumpkin kernels and so on.


fear  fear  people instinctively develop an emotion when they are threatened or may be injured, which is fear.

it may derive many other emotions, such as tension, anxiety, fear, restlessness, and so on.

if you are in a state of fear all the time, you will get flustered, shortness of breath, confusion and even fainting.


fear is a normal psychological reaction without stress and burden.

you can first list the possible factors of your fear and learn to face it.

in addition, you can eat some of your favorite foods to help ease tension and fear.



is often in a state of melancholy, which will lead to excessive production of epinephrine and cortical cholesterol, and accelerate the process of human aging.

because of the absence of their children after retirement, it is easy for many elderly people to "age quickly" under the shadow of loneliness and melancholy.


1, in the face of depression, you can reverse thinking, see the good side of the problem, and actively seek a happy state of mind;

2, making friends can divert your attention and help to eliminate the depression in your heart;

3, magnesium can stabilize your mood, eat more bananas, apples, grapes, oats, etc., can improve your mood.


hostility  hostility  hostility will turn into anxiety, long-term accumulation may damage the immune system, and more serious will lead to heart damage.

negative emotion is related to the decline of lung function, and it will in turn accelerate the decline of lung function in the elderly. In addition, hostility can cause heart disease, asthma and so on.


1, 80% of hostility can be overcome, face up to social and workplace rules, think more about work, and less about interpersonal relationships;

2, when there are signs of hostility, you can make yourself a cup of green tea, in which theanine helps to calm your mood and clear your mind.



paranoid people tend to feel lonely, lonely, flustered and anxious, especially for some elderly people, even if they have little things, they have to think about suspicion for a long time.

theyDaily nervousness may eventually lead to psychological breakdown, as well as loss of appetite and malnutrition due to restlessness in sleeping and eating.


1. If you feel paranoid emotions grow, you can record one of your advantages every day, which helps to enhance self-confidence, enhance the ability of face-to-face communication with people, and reduce misunderstandings.

2. Eating some seafood products can improve your mood and eliminate uneasiness.


seasonally out of control

Research shows that in hot summer, about 10% of people are prone to emotional loss of control, frequent disputes and friction; in winter, there are more people with depression than usual.

these emotional problems are collectively referred to as "seasonal affective disorder". People who are particularly sensitive to the environment and climate will have anxiety or depression, and seriously will cause the decline of the normal function of the body.


1. Actively adjust diet and daily life in summer and eliminate negative emotions by swimming and other sports.

2, eat more vegetables and fruits in winter, participate in outdoor activities, bask in the sun, improve indoor natural light, etc., all these are conducive to the elimination of negative emotions.

Yes, the biggest reminder to you before your body breaks down is that you start to become emotionally unstable.

someone once said:

on the way of life, the greatest enemy we encounter is not ability, not condition, but emotion.

there are some troubles in life that cannot be avoided, and the troubles brought by others have nowhere to escape. We can't change others, but you can adjust yourself: don't argue, don't explain, don't care.

it's the same old saying: "how to deal with deceiving, abhorrent and deceiving me in the world?"

you just need to remember: "ignore him, stay for a few more years, and look at him."

never mind, some people have some things that are not important at all.

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future;

but be yourself and don't care about others.

I hope each of us can calm down and say a good word to our emotions and bodies: thank you for your hard work!

in the days to come, let's

be gentle, interesting, not too intense;

three meals, four seasons, don't be in a hurry;

be grateful, brave, don't be too flustered.

together, we look forward to a longer spring bloom in the future.