We really didn't fail because of "lack of talent".

We really didn't fail because of "lack of talent".

When you fail to start a business, you say that you have no talent, and you blame others for not discovering your beauty when you have been single for four years.

after the failure, I realized the problem

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I have seen a marketing case of Japanese coffee before.

that company is called Suntory because the brand is not sure about the taste of coffee and doesn't know whether it should be made slightly sweet or slightly bitter. So they invited a group of users to the company to taste Suntory's new products, put the slightly sweet and slightly bitter coffee in the same package, and asked them to try it, only to find that everyone said in the form that they preferred slightly bitter coffee.

but Chiaki Yamaguchi, who was in charge of consumer research for the brand at the time, thought something was wrong, so he put two flavors of coffee in the user's workplace and let them ask for it freely. It turns out that slightly sweet coffee is always everyone's first choice, and people start to turn to slightly bitter coffee only when the slightly sweet is finished, which means that people still prefer slightly sweet coffee.

Why is this happening? Users later admitted that they were afraid that they would be ridiculed for not tasting authentic coffee after they said they liked slightly sweet coffee.

in everyone's impression, authentic coffee should be bitter and sweet is an insult to coffee. Only by saying the word "Huigan" will others agree. And red wine should be rotated and tasted again, plus 7-up is full of rural flavor.

the amount of disorganized reading is very low some time ago. I blame it on this era, shouting "this era is too impetuous" and "people can't accept long reading". It seems that without attacking the times and society, you lose the ability to think independently, and then hold high the banner of "rare talent" and shout in the circle of friends.

in fact, when I think about it now, there is only one reason for the low reading volume, that is:

I am not interesting enough.

that's all.


in my junior year, the idea of starting a business always looms in my mind, but how can starting a business be as easy as I thought?

I still remember going to play with one of my cousins during the summer vacation. He is from South China Institute of Technology and is the most educated in our family. Now he works for an Internet company in Guangzhou. As we were walking along the road, he asked me a question:

"have you ever thought about starting a business?"

I said, "No."

he sighed and said, "good, don't start a business."

I was in junior high school the year he graduated. I heard my sister say that he also tried to start a business, but failed. So when he told me not to start a business, I knew it was a heartfelt "reminder" with some poignant stories. So although the country is promoting entrepreneurship and Internet +, I clearly realize that starting a business is really not an easy thing.

Hmm, but that's what I thought before .


recently, an activity about starting a business has been found to be disorganized and wants us to do some publicity for them. I asked if the information could be sent to me first, because we had to know what it was before we could see whether it was in accordance with the disorganized tonality.

then the other party sent me a video, and after watching it, I wanted to sign up. Because there is a passage in it that moved me very much, which was said by Xiaohu, the founder of "have a meal":

(startup salad) is fun, because starting a business is a social way to meet different people through technology. "

I don't know when the number of entrepreneurial people around me began to increase, not because my good friends went to start a business one by one, but because I met a lot of entrepreneurial people this year. Including Guibin from Entrepreneurship Association, Brother Kun, nana team and sowhat team who often give me advice. Every time I communicate with them, I get different results. And they all have one thing in common, that is, their eyes glow when they talk about what they are doing.

this "light" has nothing to do with the kind of "wolf nature" advocated by Baidu, but from the confidence in their field of expertise.

and this startup salad is an unprofitable activity. Students only need 50 yuan to sign up. It needs ideas more than what products they sell to you.

the video is right below. You can click on it on your computer if you like. If your "lack of talent" is not an excuse, I'm sure you will sign up.

(start-up salad promotional film 4`39``)

those who lament the lack of talent

are just afraid to dream

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