There is no unhappiness in life, only discontentment

There is no unhappiness in life, only discontentment

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contentment is always happy, indifferent and enterprising.

after many ups and downs, it is good to know peace; to know patience after hardships; to know calmness after hardships; and to be content with prosperity.

in the Book of morality, it is said that "those who are contented are rich." those who are content are richer at heart and live the happiest life.

the past is like the past, and life is like a dream.

go through the vicissitudes of the world and read all the flashy things in the world.

contentment is the only way to see the richness and brilliance of your heart and find your true self.


contentment is a kind of wisdom

"Zengguang Xianwen" has two well-known aphorisms:

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Zhitong Temple also has a famous couplet, which can be described as shocking: "there is forgetfulness behind you, and there is no way to turn back."

this couplet is not only about Jia Fu, but also the norm of the world:

although he already has a lot, he still doesn't want to stop and continue to be controlled by greed. He made mistakes again and again until he got stuck in the mud. I found that there was no way to go, but it was too late to turn back.

there was a man of Hu Jiushao in the Ming Dynasty, whose family was very poor. He taught and worked hard at the same time, and he could only get enough food and clothing.

at dusk every day, Hu Jiushao would go to the door to burn incense, worship nine to heaven, and thank God for giving him a day of happiness.

his wife sneered at him and said, "We have vegetable porridge for three meals a day. How can this be Qingfu?"

Hu Jiushao said contentedly, "first of all, I am very glad that I was born in a peaceful and prosperous age without the scourge of war."

I am glad that our whole family can have food and clothes, so that we will not be hungry and cold.

the third thing is that there are no patients in bed and no prisoners in prison. What is Qingfu? "

contentment is often happy, indifferent and enterprising.

if you can understand this, you will feel relieved.

because only by knowing how to let go can we grasp the present.


simple, the best living condition

choose to live a simple life, this state is contentment.

maybe simplicity is shallow casual and calm, as simple and natural as small bridge and flowing water; perhaps simplicity is a kind of relief and epiphany of the mind, which is bright and enlightened.

"sparse shadow horizontal oblique water clear shallow, dark fragrance floating moon dusk" is a famous sentence of Lin Hejing, a poet in the Song Dynasty, elegant and refined.

he sacrificed his name to gain money, stayed away from tall houses, mansions and prosperous cities, and lived in seclusion in Gushan, Hangzhou, where he enjoyed growing plums and raising cranes, and lived a simple life on the money of selling plums.

"Bamboo hedge cottage is reconciled without the slightest invasion of dust". The less material requirements are, the easier it is to be happy.

or rain or snow, or clear sky, Lin poet gladly boated on the lake, going back and forth between smoke and water;

or leaning against the old plum tree, watching the white crane dance.

when poetry flourishes, he will recite aloud and live a poetic and picturesque life.

"those who are decorated on the outside are not enough on the inside". Simplicity and contentment is the best state of life.


there is no unhappiness in life, only discontented

We come into the world and are busy every day for the sake of inner happiness.

while we indulge in appearances and spend our lives looking for happiness.

We keep complaining about the pressure.

these pressures, when you think about it carefully, are not given by others, but by yourself.

there is a fishmonger who lives in a villa on the shore. He goes out early and returns late every day, worried about the sea and the weather, and worried about the rise and fall of fish prices. There is no 01:15 happiness at all.

one day, he paced on the beach and came across a tramp singing on the beach.

he thought of his carefree days and asked the tramp, "Why are you so happy when you have nothing?"

the tramp said:

the fisherman has a slight understanding: in this world, only when you are satisfied can you be happy.

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contentment is always a matter of contentment. It's not about talking about it, but about being contented all the time.

contentment can lead to worry-free;

peace of mind;

peace of mind; and

freedom from the heart.


Happiness is actually very simple.

Moriyama Avenue said in "towards another country"

"We have to meet the last day of our lives, and there is no turning back, so there is no need to care about age at all. As long as we work hard and live willfully, this is what life tastes like."

contentment is actually very easy: if you have a candy in your hand, you won't stare at the one in someone else's hand.

contented people will not take everything seriously, will not be intriguing, and will not be satisfied with what they have and cherish the present.

May you work hard all your life, be loved all your life, have what you want, and let go of what you can't get.

the philosopher Schopenhauer also said:

"We must understand one thing: any happiness that depends on the outside world will dry up."

at any age, one's own possession is the real and only lasting source of happiness.

Happiness comes from being self-sufficient. One can be happy only if one is self-sufficient. "

contentment is the calmness and calmness of the heart, just like the years passed gently, untainted by the wind and dust.

the ends of the earth are in my heart.