Put down your face and live a good life! (good text in depth)

Put down your face and live a good life! (good text in depth)

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people live a face, tree live a skin, everyone wants to save face, but also want others to give their own face.

face-saving, people can hold their heads high, face-saving, and be confident in doing things.

what is face?

face has nothing to do with dignity and integrity. Face is a sense of pride when being recognized by others, and face is a sense of superiority compared with others.

there is nothing wrong with saving face, it is not too good to save face, the key is not to make your face swollen and fat.

after all, face is only for others, and life is for yourself.

if you want to live a good life, you must put down your face.


the day is my own, and it has nothing to do with face

whether the day is good or not. It is up to others to decide whether they have enough face.

face-saving is a good thing, and it can become a motivation to improve yourself and change your life.

but if you lose face and ruin your day, it is the stupidest thing to do.

you have to understand that days are like water, cold and warm, and life is like tea.

there is no need to compare and compete with others for the sake of face.

living a good life, belittling your own face, and letting nature take its course is the best way to live. No comparison, no struggle, is the greatest success.


the more incompetent people are, the more they take face seriously. Such people regard face as more important than fate, and think that face can be worshipped by others.

in order to save face, secretly economize on food and clothing, live frugally, chase things beyond their own ability, let others see their own scenery and splendor, waste wantonly in front of others, and create exquisite illusions.

there are thousands of rooms in Guangsha, it takes only three feet to sleep at night, a fortune of ten thousand dollars, and no more than three meals a day.

in order to save face, to make a face swollen and fat is to suffer.

only by improving the quality of life and without debt and burden within our own ability can we lead a good life.

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the more you lose face, the more you can live a better life

face is earned by yourself, not from others.

for the sake of face, regardless of the inside, we will never live a good life.

you will have as much face as you have. Only when you rely on your own efforts and lose face to make money to do things, can you win real face.

in real life, the more you lose face, the more you can live a good life, and the more you ignore face, the more stable you are.

the face bought with money is the shortest, while the face bought by interest is the most fragile.

only the face earned by oneself is long-term and solid. In this life, people live for themselves, and face is won by themselves.

never do anything that destroys goods and hurts people's conscience in order to save face.

remember: only by being well-behaved, being kind to others, never giving up, self-reliance, can you win the recognition of others, win more face, and live a better life!