Looking up to see you happy, I wish you happiness all the year round.

Looking up to see you happy, I wish you happiness all the year round.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the rings of the years have hurried through season after season, and the old year has been replaced by the new year. Everything, whether happy or unhappy, has been submerged in the illusory horizon by gusts of breeze.

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some people say: "one year is not enough for vicissitudes of life, but it can change a lot of things." Yeah! Time is ruthless, it will not stagnate because you do not like it, nor will it accelerate because you like it. Only by taking the road under your feet in a down-to-earth manner, learning to be strong in adversity, learning to let go in the process of sharpening, facing all things in the world calmly, and rushing forward through both wind and rain, can you create good results and open up a better life.

time, silent, day, cycle, any memory woven into the mesh repeatedly annotates the speechless feelings and the weight of life. When all the desire to stop and release into a smile, when all the old events are free to talk and laugh, the experience is not beautiful all the way to grow up.

just! The years are appropriate, and the hearts of the people are at peace with each other. Only wish we can all find our own fragrance in the noisy world, gracefully turn the time into a perfect poem, treasure it into a collection of fleeting poems, depict the years into a simple and elegant and beautiful painting, and become the eternity of time in the poetic sense of love. When we can read it in the twilight years, it is all memories, all moved.

it is said that life lies not in what you possess, but in what process you pursue. Life is not to be rich, but to be healthy and safe. Not to be vigorous, but to be simple and happy. The true meaning of life is to form good habits to store health, not to overdraw the only life, and to live every day in the present. If you are always fooling around eating and drinking all day, then sooner or later you will be plagued by illness and become a regular customer in the hospital. what is the use of regret at that time? It can only be repentance!

to know: there is no disease, nothing, no money, no lack of health, health is not everything, but without health, there is nothing.

Life is quite short. Health is the first condition for us to get money, and it is also the source of happiness. At this point, nothing can be lost and the capital of the pursuit of happiness can be lost. Because health is wealth, and the greatest wealth, if there is no health, everything is empty talk. With a healthy body, we can shoulder the obligations and responsibilities for the society and the family, enrich today and tomorrow, and live a happy life.

as Jia Pingwa said: never lose your nature by chasing fame and fortune. After all, life is a temporary sitting, whether you can live at ease, it all depends on yourself.

Life is that after going through the confusion of heavy mountains and rivers, it is suddenly enlightened that there is another village around the corner, as long as you know how to be kind, shallow joy, quiet love, deep understanding, light relief, learn to cherish and grasp, the world is full of joy everywhere!

even if the world is occasionally cool, let your heart bloom. No matter the road ahead is rough or smooth, don't let confusion cover your steps; don't let the cold freeze your dreams, as long as you have hope and know how to maintain your physical and mental health. I believe that before long, the spring breeze will make us deeply feel the Yingge Yan dance and willow flowers in spring.

the new year is coming. May we all look up and be happy every year. No matter what age we are, we will live as we like. As long as it is done and cherished, the days will be rich and prosperous year after year! Good things will come as promised, like a shadow!