Is it possible that only eating can make people happy?

Is it possible that only eating can make people happy?

I tell you responsibly, "Yes."

I saw this passage in my moments before: "only eating can make people happy."

I disagree, because now many people don't attach importance to "eating". In our school, many students choose to "pack" instead of eating in the canteen at mealtime, because they think it is serious to watch videos while eating. It seems that if you don't do something at dinner, you are wasting your time.

I said to my roommates, "nowadays people no longer need Lao Gan Ma, because they can eat with TV dramas and variety shows." I don't know since when, eating has become an unimportant thing, not to mention that eating can cheer people up, we are just filling our stomachs. "

but he replied:

"but don't you know that the 'food' in 'only eating can make people happy' doesn't include fast food?"

I looked at the white lunch box in front of me, as well as the "chili scrambled meat" with only chili peppers and the "tomato scrambled eggs" with tomato juice but no eggs. It is found that this' thing 'can only be used to fill the stomach and does not deserve to be called "food" at all.

if you pay attention to the content of moments, you will find that nearly 1/3 of moments involve eating. Because most of our Wechat friends are students who do not have the financial ability, and have few life experiences and narrow horizons, cooking food and showing love has become one of the cheapest and most effective ways of self-expression.

if you ask me why I want to express myself, because the society we live in is a "face-looking" society. With the coverage of social networks, it is most intuitive to reflect whether a person is interesting or not. if other people's circle of friends are full of beauties and delicious food, then I am not a "very loser" with only my left hand and words. So I need to create an image, and the best way is to send all the delicious food I have seen to my moments, which is the most simple and effective way.

No wonder they say, "only eating can make people happy."

because only by "eating" can they have the material to shape themselves and make themselves look less strange. I'm not saying it's bad to be a maverick, but I know that not everyone wants to be the "pig" who climbed up to the roof to avoid being hunted. Because I have been called a "maverick" by others, I know that in their eyes it is also a synonym for arrogance and loneliness.

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Cai Kangyong said in Qifa Shuo:

I think this is not only a society that looks at faces, but also a society that "looks" directly. What are you looking at, that is, you have the ability to make people look at your face at the first sight of your face? if you don't see it, you can see your money at first sight, your car, your clothes, your talent, all of them.

that's the most convenient way to look at your face. So this is a face-watching society.

"symmetrical breakfast"


there is a couple in the UK who send their own breakfast to Instagram every morning.

their breakfast is sometimes simple, just eggs and ham with a little cucumber, or Steamed BBQ Pork Bun and carambola cut into five stars.

sometimes it will be very rich. Michael Zee will get up an hour earlier than usual, first use a pot to steam the dumplings, roast and sell, and shrimp dumpling, and then put them into the steamer bought in Chinatown a few days ago. At the same time, boil a pot of lean meat porridge, sprinkle a little chopped onions, put all the seasonings on the plate, make a pot of tea and wait for him to get up.

I used to be a person who doesn't like breakfast, but after looking at this group of photos, I also want to get off to such a good start every day. It suddenly occurred to me that eating alone may not cheer people up, but if you can savor the care hidden behind the food, can you taste a little happiness?

it turns out that eating doesn't necessarily cheer people up.

unless you are the one I am eating with.

recently sowhat posted such a video that reminds me of the phrase

"only eating can make people happy"

they did an activity called "Food Treasure Hunt Map".

they collected 33 Dongguan cuisines made for "you",

and made an extremely beautiful hand-drawn map.

between October 1, 2015 and October 7, 2015,

if you go to eight of those 33 stores to eat 18 yuan each,

and ask the shopkeeper to stamp you.

then you may get an IPHONE6S.

well, I feel like I've said enough because I've added a lot of invisible opponents to myself.