If a man has an atmosphere, he will be blessed.

If a man has an atmosphere, he will be blessed.

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what is atmosphere when one is alive?

atmosphere is a person's demeanor, attitude, temperament and demeanor of doing things, and it is an invisible force emitted by a person's comprehensive quality.

atmosphere is a kind of spirit of accepting all rivers and bearing the sun and the moon, a kind of calm and generous, natural Tiancheng, confident bearing, a kind of mature, generous, quiet and harmonious bearing.

as the old saying goes, "with magnanimity and compatibility, all things will benefit at the same time."

atmosphere, often determines a person's life pattern, the pattern is big, the blessing will come.


he is magnanimous and generous to others, and never haggles over

Xue Xue once said:

people are tolerant and generous, and they can tolerate what ordinary people cannot bear and what ordinary people cannot tolerate.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, the emperor of Shu appointed Jiang Kui as prime minister and presided over the government after the death of Zhuge Liang.

he has a subordinate named Yang Opera, who is withdrawn and not talkative.

every time Chiang Kai-shek told him about the imperial government, Yang Opera always responded but did not answer.

some people dislike the arrogant style of Yang Opera and murmur in front of Chiang Kai-shek:

"it's outrageous for Yang Opera to be so snub to you!"

unexpectedly, Jiang Kui smiled calmly and said:

"people have their own temperament.

it is not in his nature to let Yang Opera praise me face to face; let him say my fault in front of everyone, he will think that I cannot step down.

so he had to be silent.

in fact, this is the value of his being. "

later, some people praised Chiang Kai-shek for "being able to ride a boat in the belly of the prime minister."

Let one step higher in dealing with the world, retrogression is the capital of progress; being lenient to others is the foundation of benefiting others and self-interest.

throughout history, many successful people have always been able to discern others and turn enemies into friends. They have never rejected each other's talents because of different camps. On the contrary, they have been able to find each other's bright spots and make use of them.

atmospheric people always have their own unique vision and knowledge in dealing with the world and receiving people and things.

seek cooperation under common goals, seek joint forces in mutual cooperation, and seek development in mutual trust, and the road of life will naturally become wider and wider.


I am atmospheric, free and easy when things happen, and never get caught up in it

Lin Qingxuan said:

people encounter too many things in their whole life.

unexpected blows, unexpected setbacks, disasters falling from the sky, easy profits, unpredictable things can happen at any time.

No matter big or small, good or bad, you don't need to care too much. If something happens, you will sink into it and you will only crush yourself.

you might as well be an atmospheric person, and you can be comfortable with everything, not confused, not trapped in love.

the old master on the mountain raised a pot of orchids. Because of his love, he took good care of the elegant orchids and took good care of them every day.

as a result, the orchid grows very healthy, the appearance of the beautiful and lovely, the old master is even more happy, from time to time to enjoy it.

once, when the old master wanted to go out to meet his friends, he entrusted the pot of flowers to his little apprentice and asked him to take care of him.

the young apprentice is very responsible, taking care of the orchid as carefully as the old master, and the orchid grows healthily.

I don't want to have a sudden rainstorm one day, and the strong wind blew over and smashed the orchid.

the little apprentice was very sad when he saw the broken branches and leaves on the ground, and he was afraid that the old master would blame him.

the old master came back a few days later, and the little apprentice told him about the orchid and was ready to accept his blame.

unexpectedly, the old master didn't say anything. The little apprentice was surprised because it was the old master's favorite orchid.

the old master smiled faintly and said, "I don't raise orchids to be angry."

the orchid is gone, and no matter how much blame is useless, it is better to be bearish, focus on something more cherished, be carefree, and live a poem.

Laozi once said, "good fortune is where misfortune depends, misfortune is where good fortune lies."

everything in the world, where there is shadow, there will be sunshine, turn a corner, turn around, you will see the light.

if you indulge in it blindly, it will only make you depressed. You might as well think from another angle and do things with an open mind. Life will naturally be full of sunshine.


is magnificent and open-minded to himself.

in fact, each of us is our own enemy, and our whole life is the process of constantly fighting against ourselves.

there is a young man who is going to Beijing for the imperial examination.

during the journey to Beijing for the exam, when someone praised him, his confidence increased greatly, but when someone belittled him, he was depressed.

so he was confused and went to the Zen master for advice.

the young man said to the Zen master,

"Master, some people call me a genius, while others call me a fool. What do you think?"

Master asked, "what do you think of yourself?"

the young man looked dazed, thought for a moment and said, "I don't know."

the Zen master said:

"for example, a jin of rice is baked cake in the eyes of bakeries, wine in the eyes of wine merchants, and a life-saving meal in the eyes of beggars.

Rice is still that jin of rice, but it is different for different people. It's not up to others to decide who you are, it's up to you. "

the young man suddenly enlightened and went to the exam happily.

in fact, in life, many times we will encounter such a situation, what bothers us is not the outside world, but from our own heart.

as said in the Legend of Lu Xiang, "there is nothing in the world, and there is nothing to worry about."

only when you really let yourself go and reflect on yourself, can life be calm and calm.


the atmosphere is a kind of moderation.

Don't lose your integrity because of the greed for petty gain. Keep the big principles in your heart. You look confused and bright inside.

atmosphere is a kind of tolerance.

thick virtue, magnanimous tolerance, good for evil, do not easily use their own self-cultivation to challenge the shallowness of others.

the atmosphere is a kind of calm.

the state of mind is open to the sun, can be picked up and put down, when enter, when retreat, steady and calm, perseverance, Mount Tai collapse in front of the face does not change color.

atmosphere is a realm.

conquer the ego and become the greater self; do things in a high profile and behave in a low profile; abstain from laziness and responsibility; avoid humiliation and guard against arrogance and rashness.

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being a man in the atmosphere is the realm that everyone should pursue. Only when the atmosphere becomes great, the atmosphere can be in an invincible position.

be an atmospheric person for the rest of your life. If you are atmospheric, you will be blessed.