For the rest of your life, be yourself and don't explain!

For the rest of your life, be yourself and don't explain!

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living in this world, there are people, there are right and wrong, there are mouths, there are discussions.

No matter how kind you are, there are people who suspect that no matter how well you do, there are people who are picky.

advice and comments cannot be avoided, and gossip cannot be eliminated.

this is reality:

those who trust you will not doubt you; those who doubt you will not believe you;

those who care about you will not hurt you; those who hurt you will not care about you.


in the eyes of people who hate you, you are not good at everything and nothing.

in the eyes of those who criticize you, you are full of faults.

in the eyes of those who plan you, you are complex and vicious.

in the eyes of those who do not understand you, you are hypocritical and hypocritical.

so, most of the time, it's not that you don't do well enough, but that others can't see your good.

it's not that you are unkind-hearted, but that other people's intentions are too deep.

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talking about you, it means that you are excellent, jealous, and outstanding, so that you will spread your gossip and put you in the midst of guidance and discussion.


when people live in this society, you should have a strong heart, face the slander of others, ignore other people's calculations, let go of other people's opinions, and look down on other people's malice.

otherwise, if you care too much, you will be physically and mentally exhausted because of the right and wrong.

be a man and be yourself, you will be worthy of your heart and good conduct, and you will be able to break gossip.

Don't expect others to understand you, don't expect people to trust you, and don't please people who don't like you.

the best thing you should do is: don't explain, don't argue, leave everything to time, and time will give you the answer.


in the rest of my life, in the face of rumors, do not explain, ignore the discussion, do not explain, do a good job, do not explain.

you have to believe that God will not hurt any good person by mistake, let alone let go of any bad guy.

you just try to be honest and be a person of good character.

guidance and discussion, there is always a time to dissipate, gossip, there must be a day of clarification!